Green/Garden Roof Benefits Preliminary Design/Construction Expert Service Update

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WC Engineering (619-663-5607) has released a new report detailing the design, construction, and pricing of green roofs and garden roofs. The company now offers preliminary design consultations to new clients looking to install green roofs, garden roofs, or rooftop farms.

WC Engineering has released the new report as part of a service update that delivers cost-effective green roof installations to create more livable urban environments. All installations are carried out by a professionally accredited team that abides by design regulations and building codes.

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According to the new report, green roofs have several environmental advantages, including better health for occupants of the building and the surrounding community. WC Engineering designs and builds simple roof gardens and sedum green roofs that absorb stormwater and add to the overall ambiance and livability of the building.

WC Engineering offers free preliminary design for all new clients interested in installing green roofs. The service also includes the option of comprehensive design and construction management of a client’s project.

Over the last decade, cities around the world have passed legislation promoting green roofs for stormwater management. WC Engineering aims to educate and expand renewable energy, green building, sustainability, and job creation around the world. The company offers suggestions and guidelines to engineers based on the principles of sustainable development that protect the environment.

In high-rise cities, green roofs may reduce temperatures by up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also help absorb urban noise pollution, generate a more diversified urban ecology, and avoid flash floods by improving drainage and absorbing precipitation with plants and shrubs. Installation pricing can vary considerably from roof to roof based on several factors, with size being the most critical variable.

WC Engineering establishes trust with its clients by communicating promptly and effectively at every stage of the project.

About WC Engineering

WC Engineering is a design and engineering company serving clients worldwide. The company solves building, energy, and environmental problems in the AEC industry. They offer engineering, construction services, and commissioning. Their engineering design emphasizes energy savings and occupant comfort.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We employ advanced research methodologies, computer-aided engineering software, and technical writing to satisfy our clients’ demands. We collaborate with contractors, stakeholders, and other design professionals to bring the client’s vision to life.”

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