Green Friday Campaign Replaces Black Friday Buying with Charity & Healthy Living

Green Friday movement is helping people across Europe say no to Black Friday through giving, charity, healthiness and fun.

A new campaign is shaking up the consumer culture of ‘Black Friday’ across the UK and Europe. Amid the year’s biggest global shopping spree, the ‘Green Friday’ movement is encouraging consumers to get outdoors, stay healthy, spend time with others and to give to charitable causes.

Started in 2014, by European health food suppliers Buy Whole Foods Online (BWFO), the size and scope of Green Friday has been growing each year. This year, tens of companies have joined the movement, including the online classifieds site Preloved, one stop green shop Greenfinder and branches of the multi-national car manufacturing company Audi.

BuyMeOnce, an online sustainable gift supplier, have pledged to donate 100% of their Black Friday profits to Friends of the Earth. Not only that, they have teamed up with 7 other companies from across Europe, all of which are donating some or all of their Black Friday revenue to charitable causes this weekend.

BWFO are another company to have recruited a charity to their Green Friday cause this year. Their partnership with UK wellness organisation Greenfingers Charity was announced in an online video on Wednesday 22nd November. The video also explained their motivation for Green Friday and received a great response from BWFO customers, charity affiliates and thousands of users on YouTube, Facebook and social media platforms.

The Green Friday movement is already gathering a great deal of public engagement and enthusiasm. A video spreading the ideals of Green Friday and encouraging people to get outside was posted on Facebook at 6.30pm on Monday 20th November. It has since received several thousand views and has been shared widely on the social media platform.

On the same evening, an article posted on the official Green Friday site detailed the entire concept of Green Friday and offered tips on how people can embrace Green Friday. As of writing this, one in three people visiting the article page have gone on to share it on Facebook, which shows a strong public passion for the idea of Green Friday.

Throughout the week, thousands of emails, messages and social media posts were also shared to bring more awareness to this ever-growing movement.

The overall success of Green Friday remains to be seen, but many are expecting high levels of engagement across various sectors this year and also to see further growth over the years to come.

More announcements detailing the overall engagement in the Anti-Black Friday campaign, money raised for charities, and other Green Friday partnerships, schemes and public activities are expected in the coming week.

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