Green Energy Company in Orlando FL – Save Thousands in Electric Bills Florida

Green energy company in Orlando Florida is expanding their program with The Green Power Box and showing consumers how to save money. They are vowing to help as many consumers as possible save thousands of dollars on their electric bills and learn to conserve energy.

United Green Power today announced the expansion of the Orlando Florida branch of their signature product The Green Power Box. The need for this product in the Florida market is a necessity, where the exposure to sun and heat is prevalent a good majority of the year. The average electric bill seems to be well over $250 per month, year round in Florida with business electric bills running into the thousands.

The Green Power Box works to help a motor run cooler and more efficient while providing overall surge protection. The device optimizes the power that comes into a home or business, allowing a savings of 20-30% on average per month off of electric bills by generating less power. The current reviews and testimonies among current users and die-hard fans within the energy saving device world are viewing this as nothing less than spectacular. The first thing folks should expect is a big improvement in their electric bills.

The main benefits of the Green Power Box is it will eliminate the waste of electricity by reducing the amperage and improving the power factor. Wasted amps in the form of heat and delivery inefficiency will raise an electric bill, especially in the hot Florida climate. Green Power Box makes this happen by cooling down appliance motors and in turn, extending the life of the motors. The entire whole house or business will be also protected from electrical surges.

The Green Power Box also reduces the heat generated through wires and motors substantially therefore reducing the risk of electrical fires. United Green Power will be conducting a Free Energy Analysis for anyone in the Orlando area as well as all other areas of Florida. It is the mission of the company to make home owners as well as business owners, aware of how this energy saving device works and how will change the way most home and business owners use energy and keep more money in the home or business owner’s pocket. The product also comes with a full 15 year guarantee, but life expectancy is over 25 years.

The Green Power Box was originally launched in 2009 and has been very successful in doing exactly what is was built to do, save energy and in turn save the consumer money. With the announcement of their expansion, the mission of the company is to educate as many folks as possible, and get them to do their part.

The product took several years to produce, from start to finish, starting with the initial idea to engineering and creating the final product. What it does is optimize the power that comes into the home or business, allowing motors to run cooler and more efficient providing while providing whole house surge protection. This should provide total satisfaction to energy saving device connoisseurs and anyone that desires to save money.

Mike Iamaio, Owner at United Green Power also added, “This is the type of product that needs to be in every home and business in the state of Florida and throughout the entire U.S. With all of positive action of green energy and conservation programs, this product is a huge step in the right direction. Heck, if you can save thousands on your electric bills and not overpay the power company because of one simple change, to me it is a “no brainer”. It doesn’t end up costing you a dime in the long run and the benefits are so great, we are trying to get this product information out to the masses.”

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