Green Drop Introduces High-Performance Compression Knee And Elbow Sleeves

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Green Drop Compression announced the launch of a new compression sleeve product series based on patented technology. It connects fabric with pain relief medication to help soothe the muscle.

Green Drop Compression, makers of a specialized line of functional training gear, is pleased to announce that they are launching new products. They are providing athletes a new tool to intensify their workouts with the launch of new compression sleeves for knee and elbow and compression socks.

An athlete’s knees and elbows are often susceptible to injury, pain, and arthritis. These days, these conditions are not only affecting older adults, but a percentage of young individuals with symptoms are increasing, including those who participate in high-impact sports and people who lead sedentary lifestyles. Wearing a knee and elbow compression sleeve and compression socks can help break the cycle and get back everyone to enjoy their favorite exercise with less pain and soreness.

After extensive research and development, Green Drop Compression finally developed their new product line, a shapewear solution that gently massages the skin to enhance microcirculation and improve lymphatic drainage.

Green Drop’s high-performance socks, knee and elbow sleeves increase healthy blood flow to joints and muscles, supporting good circulation and speeding up the recovery. It’s designed with breathable fabrics to lower odor and stop moisture accumulation as well. Further, it combines high-performance compression along with natural medicine. It was made with patented technology that connects fabric with pain relief medication to help soothe the muscle.

According to Matt Levinson, a spokesperson from the company, “The fabric fibers of the elbow sleeve are infused with Green Drop Compression’s proprietary Muscle Rub Formula, a powerful blend of camphor, wintergreen, and safflower oil that aids in the recovery of joint pain and muscular aches.”

“What’s more, the innovative elbow sleeve is constructed using a patented textile finishing treatment. When activated by muscle movement, it releases medicine absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, promoting faster recovery”, Levinson added.

Green Drop Compression is dedicated to satisfying even the most demanding customers by helping fitness enthusiasts and athletes increase their performance goals and reach the top results while offering over-the-top customer service and satisfaction guarantees.

Green Drop’s products are now available on their official website and on Amazon.

About Green Drop Compression

Green Drop Compression is a company that understands the cycle of muscle and joint soreness. Their team is dedicated to creating products that lower pain and boost mobility. The company is inspired by motion and strives to seek new technologies which support vibrant and healthy lifestyles.

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