Green Building Industry Certification Exam Preparation Online Course Launched

Green Training USA recently launched a new online training course aiming to help participants prepare for their certification and continuing education exam in the green building industry.

Mattso Marketing announced the launch of a new green construction certification training course by Green Training USA. This new online program aims to help participants prepare for their certification and continuing education exam, enabling them to advance their careers by becoming or maintaining certification in the green building industry.

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Due to climate change and resource scarcity, the green building industry has expanded substantially in the past years, from building architects to civil and mechanical engineers, landscape architects and urban planners. The newly launched green construction certification training course by Green Training USA aims to provide students with the knowledge and technical skills needed to thrive and stay relevant in this fast-growing industry.

In the past decade, communities across the world have embraced green building certification as a way to recognize and encourage sustainable construction. As such, they set construction standards that reduce environmental impacts and create healthier spaces, while also creating a massive need to design green buildings, including their energy, waste and water systems, as well as landscapes that surround them.

Green building construction jobs include laborers, managers, and operating and equipment engineers. While some occupations in green building design, such as architects and civil engineers, require at least a bachelor’s degree, most of the occupations actually require a certification and continuing education credits.

The experts at Green Training USA custom build training courses for industry associations, manufacturers, utilities, and the public sector, in a variety of climate regions. They offer a large array of courses for exam preparation and certification along with continuing education credits for the sustainable green building industry.

A satisfied student said: “As business owners, we don’t have the time to sit in a class for three to four to eight hours every day…and… run our business. The course was self-paced, and because it was online, we were able to complete the curriculum in enough time and with enough understanding that we passed our test the first time. That was good!”

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