Green Briar Realty Group Aims To Help Homeowners Sell Their Property Quickly

Green Briary Realty Group Announces Their Commitment To Help Property Owners Sell Their Homes Quickly Without The Need Of Hiring Realtors Or Paying Large Commissions And Fees.

Selling a house in Lowell MA can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. That is where the experienced team at Green Briar Realty Group (GBRG) steps in. The company helps eliminate the stress associated with selling a home in Lowell MA and provides the home sellers with peace of mind of knowing that everything is taken care of. Green Briar Realty Group is currently looking to buy houses in the Lowell MA area for top dollar. Selling your house shouldn’t be a long, drawn out process.

Selling a property to GBRG means there is no need to make any repairs or renovations to the property. The company buys houses as they are. Homeowners don’t have to waste their time and money repairing and preparing the house to showcase it to potential buyers. There is no listing or staging required when selling a house to the group. The company buys houses for cash in the same condition it is. They will then do the necessary upgrades and flip it. Home sellers prefer this method of selling since it saves them a lot of money in the process.

Sellers in Lowell MA don’t have to pay commissions when selling their properties to Green Briar Realty Group either. They are not a real estate agent that charges commissions for facilitating the sales of properties. There are no taxes, closing costs, and cumbersome paperwork when selling a home to Green Briar Realty Group. The seller is completely free to plan their next move while the company takes care of all the legal and paperwork. No realtors, no commissions, and no fees are needed when a homeowner decides to sell his or her home to GBRG.

The cash sales process can take as little as 7 days and can be closed according to the seller’s schedule. Green Briar Realty Group is prepared to heed the request of the seller when closing the deal. It is a great solution for homeowners who are facing foreclosure, divorce, relocation, inherited properties, probate, forbearance, etc.

Selling a home to Green Briar Realty Group is simple. It’s a three-step process that involves a call from the seller and subsequent evaluation from the company. GBRG will evaluate the property and make a fair offer based off a number of factors. If the seller agrees to the offer, the sale can be closed quickly depending on the schedule and needs of the seller.

About The Company

Green Briar Realty Group is a real estate solutions company based in Dracut, MA. They are a family-owned business that focuses on helping homeowners to find solutions for their home selling problems. Whether the homeowner is going through a foreclosure or can’t sell the property because it is located in a bad neighborhood, Green Briar can help such homeowners. Homeowners who have tenants that are a nightmare or have inherited an unwanted property can benefit from the services provided by the company.

The entire process starts with a short conversation over the phone. If the seller agrees to the offer made by the company, the sale will proceed further. Green Briar Realty Group will close the sale at a local reputable title company in as little as seven days or based on the homeowner’s requirements. GBRG is the solution to all homeowners who want to sell their homes fast in Lowell MA.

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