Green Bay WI Chirology Integrated Holistic Chiropractic Healing Service Launched

Chirology (920-256-0392), a specialized chiropractic wellness center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has launched new treatments which take an integrated and holistic approach to healing.

Their new treatments unify more traditional chiropractic practices with other physical therapies and holistic health strategies, and are designed to assist patients to reduce pain and improve wellbeing.

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The launch coincides with the latest statistics from the CDC, which indicate that over 20% of American adults suffer from chronic pain with another 8% suffering from high-impact chronic pain.

As standard medical practice often fails to address the complexities of pain, particularly chronic pain, Chirology hopes to provide a new way to treat and manage the condition.

Considering the well-documented links between chronic pain and depression, the clinic understands the emotional, mental and physical toll that the condition takes and therefore integrates all key areas of health and wellbeing in their treatment of it.

As such, Chirology offers a comprehensive and innovative range of practices to mitigate pain, build strength and flexibility in the body, and foster a sense of inner calm. These include cold laser therapy, percussive therapy, ultrasound and cupping.

As a part of this integrated approach, the clinic is proud to announce that they have also acquired the latest in cutting-edge tension relief with the Proflex massage gun. This professional massager uses a combination of heating, acupuncture and electro-stimulation to prompt deep muscle relaxation.

All of these techniques can be utilized to tackle low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and more.

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The clinic believes, that stopping pain is not the endpoint, but rather a step on a journey towards more profound fitness, wellness and happiness. Therefore, in conjunction with chirology, the clinic has a branch devoted to fitnessology where they assist their clients to build strength and stability in all core muscle groups and joints.

Chirology was founded by owner and CEO Ravi Patel, a passionate believer in holistic health practices. The clinic is staffed by an expert team of qualified physical therapists, chiropractors, and health coaches.

They are currently offering a $21 new patient special, which includes a full consultation along with starting a process towards a process of healing. A spokesperson for the clinic said, “Our practice has over 30 different therapies and ways of treating pain, improving healing, and improving functionality. The message we want to get out is, regardless of what kind of condition or pain you have, we can help get you results.”

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