Green Bay WI 24 Hour Water Damage Repair Restoration Emergency Service Launched

A Green Bay-based general contracting company has introduced its 24-hour emergency water removal and repair service for homes and businesses that need help in fixing damages caused by sudden flooding.

A general contracting firm has launched its 24-hour services for home and business owners requiring emergency water clean-up in Green Bay and the entire Northeast Wisconsin region.

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CCS Property Services, LLC (CCS Property Services) introduced the service to address emergency situations caused by sudden flooding, which may happen to a residential or commercial property at any time. The company provides a number of services, including water extraction, dehumidification, disinfection, and odor removal.

According to the firm, in the event of flooding, it is critical to begin the extraction process as fast as possible in order to minimize the damage it may cause to the property. It stated that its technicians can usually respond to your emergency within an hour to begin the extraction process.

Failing sump-pumps, broken pipes, and seepages are the primary culprits of water damage based on the calls the company has received so far. It explained that seemingly minor issues, such as small leaks, may quickly become a big problem like a flooded basement.

In addition to water damage repair, CCS Property Services can also be contacted for mold removal and remediation. It offers a free mold assessment to determine the scope of the issue and provides sanitation services.

Moreover, the company can also perform restoration services to a property damaged by fire. This involves assessing the damage and packaging the items that need to be cleaned. Afterward, soot is removed to prevent airborne contamination.

It also offers a CDC-approved sanitization and odor elimination system that can address odors that may be caused by harmful germs and bacteria. It explained that its system does not require manual hand-wiping and rinsing; instead, the system uses a spray to rapidly apply its environment-friendly disinfectant.

This system is designed for facilities that require frequent sanitation, such as daycare centers, classrooms, gyms, locker rooms, commercial kitchens, and homes.

CCS Property Services is a bonded and credentialed contracting firm licensed to operate throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Apart from residences, it also serves businesses and has included companies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo, and Chase to its growing list of clients.

Full details about the company’s water removal and repair services can be found at the URL above.

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