Green Bay Video Production For Recruitment Increase Applications Service Launch

A new video service for business recruitment has been launched by NorthCoast Productions. It helps companies in any niche to generate more applications and reach the best talent faster.

Human resources professionals wear many hats. They are responsible for recruiting and retaining talent while serving as trusted advisers to employees and senior leadership alike. However, with the shortage of skilled workers, many HR professionals also must take on the role of marketer.

Wisconsin, like most of the country, lacks the human capital necessary to fill critical, open positions. The shortage is especially acute for skilled trades – including nursing, manufacturing, transportation, and construction – which make up a whopping 67% of Wisconsin’s economy. Combined with the state’s extremely low unemployment rate (only 3% in July 2019), the recruitment challenge becomes even greater.

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The trend is not going to change anytime soon. As baby boomers enter retirement, even greater numbers of positions are left open without enough skilled workers to fill them. Experts predict that this trend will continue until at least 2035 for the United States and even longer for other industrialized countries.

HR professionals seeking skilled labor are spending increasingly more time on recruitment than other functions. This new paradigm requires HR professionals to think like a marketer and create a strategy to compete with other companies seeking to fill the same roles. Since skilled workers can be choosier now than ever, businesses often find themselves competing for labor rather than customers.

Since wages are generally comparable for such roles, perks such as work-life balance and company culture have become increasingly important for job seekers. The question then becomes, “How do I effectively communicate and promote benefits that may seem intangible?” In most (if not all) cases, the answer is video.

Savvy marketers know that video is an essential part of any marketing strategy, including recruitment. Video can arguably capture and convey emotions faster and better than any other media. By telling your organization’s compelling story through video, you’re giving prospective employees a reason to choose your company over others. Quality video can not only promote, but also validate what differentiates you from your competitors. Through video, you can quickly and succinctly capture the advantages you may have to offer, such as a clean and safe working environment. In addition, video testimonials can attest to camaraderie among co-workers, a friendly management team and opportunities for advancement.

In today’s world of smart phones, essentially everyone can be an amateur videographer. However, if you want to promote your company as a quality place to work, then you’ll need a quality video. When vetting video production companies, be sure to look for a partner whose values mirror your own. Here’s a list of the top three things to consider when vetting in a video production company:

1. Quality

Be sure to review the studio’s portfolio and compare it to other video producers. If their work stands apart based purely on production quality, from both and audio and visual perspective, then the studio may be worth additional consideration. Also look online for reviews, good and bad, to learn more about their clients’ experiences.

2. Storytelling

While video can dazzle an audience with clever special effects and lively music, a truly effective video tells a story. Look for a video partner that is a proven storyteller. Also, ask them how much experience they have in your industry. If they are familiar with your business, they are more likely to understand your target audience. If you need a scriptwriter, be sure find out if they have an experienced professional who can articulate your unique brand.

3. Expertise

Beware of the jack of all trades and master of none. Look for a production company whose primary (or sole) focus is video. They likely have invested more in their studio and state-of-art equipment, which means they also draw and retain top videography talent. Speaking of retention, also look at the tenure of employees too. If employees stay with the company for long periods of time, the culture is likely positive and reflective of what you’d like to convey about your own.

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