Greeley Colorado SEO & Marketing Firm Recognized As SmartGuy Industry Leader

Business Accelerator, LLC has been recognized by SmartGuy as the Greeley, Colorado City Leader for the category, Search Engine Optimizations Services. SmartGuy is the world's fastest growing business referral network and offers networking opportunities for increased company exposure and growth.

Business Accelerator, LLC, a leading digital marketing services company located in Greeley, Colorado, has been recognized as a Greeley City Leader by SmartGuy for its internet marketing services. SmartGuy is the fastest growing exclusive business referral network in the world and is known for its ability to help local businesses grow their online presence.

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SmartGuy is the fastest growing directory and exclusive business referral network in the world, already managing over 11,000 city business networks worldwide. Developed to automate the process of business networking, SmartGuy connects the best 1,500 businesses in each city, one per category, in an automated exclusive business referral network and then markets them to the public.

There are no required monthly meetings or expensive fees, but businesses must have a good reputation to be accepted. SmartGuy provides consumers an easier way to find detailed information for up to 1,500 quality-rated local professionals offering a multitude of different products and services.

SmartGuy makes online searches easy by simply entering any city in the search bar. Consumers can view detailed information about local businesses, including their services, discounts, office hours, directions, contact information, ratings from top-rated websites, and links to social networks.

SmartGuy members are listed in an exclusive city directory. Unlike other directories, SmartGuy only selects quality professionals and limits its membership to only one professional per category. Included for members is an editable web page.

SmartGuy connects businesses in an automated business referral network with no required meetings or monthly fees. Rather than connecting members to 20-30 other local businesses, which is common with other business networks, SmartGuy networks can grow to as many as 1,500 non-competing professionals.

Once a city attains 50 memberships, SmartGuy than adds additional consumer direct marketing in targeted social media ads on behalf of the members.

Members are exclusively listed by city on all articles within their SmartGuy category automatically at no charge. These articles are often placed high in search engine rankings for desired keywords.

Business Accelerator, LLC President Robert Smith said: “SmartGuy has revolutionized local and global directories and referral networks. They align a local business owner with up to 1,500 other reputable companies and professionals whose products and services are automatically promoted to consumers.”

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