Great Wall of China Facts for Kids and Adults Kindle Picture Book Third Edition Published

Children's author publishes 3rd edition of Great Wall of China Picture Book bringing stories, facts and history of the great wall to kids and adults through the Amazon Kindle platform.

Children’s author Christina Huo has recently published the 3rd edition of her Great Wall of China Picture Book on Amazon Kindle. The ebook is the second in her Chinese Culture for Children series, although the book is suitable for adults and kids alike. 

The book is crammed full of facts, history and stories surrounding the Great Wall of China and is available in all Amazon Kindle stores.

The US edition can be found here:

The UK edition of Great Wall of China Picture book is available here:

As well as giving a full history of the Great Wall of China across the Chinese Dynasties, it also looks at why the wall came about, how the wall was built and why it was so very important. The stories inside the book talk about emperors, nomadic attackers, soldiers and generals with carefully chosen high quality images and pictures throughout. 

Christina Huo grew up in China and now lives with her husband and daughter in England. What began as a creative way of introducing her daughter to Chinese culture has now become a series of picture books to introduce other children and adults to the many wonders of China. 

Kindle reviewer Pete Smalberger said “Very interesting that the book also addresses the rulers of the time. Good information on how the wall functioned.”

When asked about her book Christina Huo explained: 

“There is some confusion and a lot of assumptions made about the Great Wall of China and I wanted to distill the important and interesting facts and stories into a picture book that children and adults could learn a lot from. I actually learned so much while doing my research and found the history absolutely fascinating. I love writing about Chinese history in a way that is easy to read and understand. I’m so glad that we live in a time where self-publishing is so accessible and hope people enjoy reading my books as much I’ve enjoyed writing them.” 

Christina Huo’s first book about Chinese Dragons is also available on Amazon:

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