Great Vacations Club Releases New Review Of Great Vacations Club Membership Program

Great Vacations Club was founded in 2012 and serves the Luxury Travel industry. It is known for providing full service travel memberships for vacation seekers who want to take their breaks on their terms, at times and in places they choose.

Edmonton, Canada – September 7th, 2014 /PressCable/

Great Vacations Club released their new review of the Great Vacations Club Membership Program. This review indictaes that the Great Vacations Club Membership Program can be considered a low cost alternative to costly timeshare ownership while providing access to more than 5000 timeshare properties in 60 plus countries. This follows on a recent analysis of the pros and cons of buying a timeshare versus a vacation travel club membership.

The review also shows that with a Great Vacations Club Membership, people can take advantage of significant savings over retail rates for resort stays all over the world. They can vacation at luxury resorts for as little as $398 for the entire week with the entire family. They stay at the same timeshare facilities that owners do and enjoy all the advantages of ownership without the high cost of purchase and annual fees.

Great Vacations Club owner says there are many people considering buying into the Great Vacations Club Membership Program and a lot of buzz around its potential benefits in the Luxury Travel field. Memberships are at three levels and while all provide year round access to the resort inventory, cruises and travel center, the number of “Prime Weeks” available varies from 2 to 10 depending on the Membership level chosen.

This is in contrast to conventional timeshare or vacation ownership where owners are usually restricted to one area or facility for one week per year. A points and exchange or trading system does allow some flexibility in both timing and location for timeshare owners. However members in the Great Vacations Travel Club have access to discounted rates at thousands of resorts at any time of the year. With no blackout periods, vacations can be had even at peak times when reservations for holiday jaunts by the general public are hard to come by.

This review gives an objective analysis of what the Great Vacations Club Membership Program has to offer. The review will provide some insights into an alternative for people who are looking for something that will allow them to take enjoyable vacations at luxury resorts on their own terms. For people who want variety, flexibility and luxury travel arrangements, Great Vacations Club is well worth taking a look at.

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