Great Moves Physical Therapy Provides Hope for Injured Golfers

Great Moves Physical Therapy continues to be the go-to medical resource for injured golfers. Great Moves implements a myriad of treatments and technologies to help golfers get pain-free.

Colorado Springs, CO, July 20, 2021 — With more golfers in Colorado Springs reporting injuries, Great Moves Physical Therapy has created a treatment program specifically for golfers. This program hopes to combat the issue through a targeted blend of physical therapy techniques. Services include massage therapy, muscle training, and golf training. The end goal is to improve patients flexibility, strength, balance, and joint mobility, so they can play golf without exacerbating injuries.

The first service offered by Great Moves Physical Therapy is their head-to-toe evaluation. Fully trained and licensed physical therapists will carefully examine patients to figure out what injuries and limitations patients have. Each golfer is then assigned their own trainer who will create an individualized treatment plan for that patient.

Depending on the person’s needs, Great Moves Physical Therapy may recommend a variety of treatment options. In some cases, patients may benefit from learning a series of stretches and exercises that can restore strength and mobility to injured body parts. Those who have hand injuries can access the full trained hand therapists for help healing this complex body part. Patients dealing with muscle or nerve conditions may benefit from massage therapy with one of the clinic’s certified massage therapists.

Part of Great Moves Physical Therapy’s innovative rehab includes golf-specific treatment. Instead of merely assisting patients with basic day-to-day activities, the clinic provides care for those who want to get back into golfing. Much of the exercising and training focuses on the end goal of helping injured golfers return to their favorite sport. By prioritizing the types of activities patients care about, Great Moves Physical Therapy hopes to provide targeted and effective care.

In addition to rehabilitative measures, Great Moves Physical Therapy is also launching programs to help prevent further injuries. Aaron Andrus, personal trainer and golf fitness specialist, explains, “We work a lot with golfers, and what we want to start doing now is introducing people to what is a healthy golf swing.” The program provides golfers with training courses that show how to hit the ball without harming any muscles or joints.

To meet this goal, Great Moves Physical Therapy has recently begun using an indoor High Definition Golf simulator. The simulator ensures that patients with time-sensitive injuries get treatment right away instead of having to wait until the weather warms up. This technology provides the full experience of golfing from the comfort of the indoor clinic.

Ultimately, Great Moves Physical Therapy treatments can improve both a golfer’s health and their ability to play the game. While their services are particularly helpful for those who are already injured, the clinic hopes to also assist healthy golfers. The right physical therapy and training can help to reduce the risk of later issues. By learning the healthiest ways of moving, swinging, and putting, golfers can ensure they keep enjoying the sport for years to come. How It Works

Great Moves Physical Therapy is a Colorado Springs physical therapy company that focuses on rehabilitation for orthopedic and sports industries. Founded by Jessica Cozine-Lehman, PT, DPT and Jacki Koury, PT, MPT in 2001, the company prioritizes finding practical ways to heal patients and help them enjoy a pain-free life. Their team of certified specialists provides personalized care in a relaxing, state-of-the art setting.

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