Great Gift – Scales Of Justice Sterling Charm Bracelet For Legal Professionals

Supply Justice introduces a beaded sterling silver scales of justice charm bracelet. As with all of their merchandise, 100% of the net profits from every sale is donated to the criminal justice non-profit of the customers’ choice.

Supply Justice is offering a beaded sterling silver bracelet with a double sided scales of justice charm as an ideal gift for any female legal professional. Customers looking for something to buy their friends and family in the legal community will find a wide range of options on the popular Supply Justice store.

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Supply Justice is a leading online store for a wide range of products and accessories, and donates 100% of the net profit from each sale to the approved criminal justice non-profit of the customers’ choice. This means that anyone can shop online and give back to the justice community.

The Scales of Justice sterling silver beaded bracelet makes for a charming gift for friends, families, loved ones, or colleagues. Anyone working in the legal profession will be delighted by its subtle but well-crafted design.

It is a 7” sterling silver beaded bracelet with the scales of justice embossed on a double sided charm and chain tassel.

The scales of justice is the symbol of justice and is designed to represent the weighing of evidence. Typically, the scales tip based on the weight of the evidence from the case presented.

Honesty, transparency, collaboration and impact are at the heart of what Supply Justice aims to offer with its donation program. The company believes that the criminal justice community is in the best position to know the problems that exist and who offers optimal solutions.

The best way that they can improve the criminal justice system is to fund and support criminal justice non-profits.

The company states: “We survey the community, sell what they ask for and let the customer choose which approved criminal justice non-profit to direct 100% of the net profits toward. We provide a tax deductible receipt to the customer after the 30 day refund period.”

They add: “We make our best effort to offer quality products at competitive prices and deliver them in a timely, cost-effective manner.”

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