Great American Solar Eclipse Emoji Tote Bags Mugs T Shirts; Souvenirs Launched

The largest eclipse merchandise store online SolarEclipseEarth released a new collection of shirts, mugs, tote bags and throw pillows printed with a trendy, original eclipse emoji to remember and commemorate the Great American Eclipse of August 21st.

The SolarEclipseEarth website has announced it is offering a collection of solar eclipse emoji t-shirts, mugs, throw pillows and tote bags for all those who want a trendy, original memento to remember the Great American Eclipse of 21 August, 2017 by.

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The Great American Eclipse of August 21st, 2017 was the most watched in human history and the first to be visible coast-to-coast throughout the US for almost a century. More than half of the country followed the rare celestial event live and many travelled to its 70-mile-wide path of totality, from Northwest Oregon to the Southeast of South Carolina, for an in-loco experience.

For the young people who witnessed the eclipse and want something trendy to remember it by or a fun gift for the friends and loved ones they shared this once in a lifetime event with, the SolarEclipseEarth is offering a new collection of clothing and souvenirs featuring the official eclipse emoji.

The collection includes throw pillows, weather resistant tote bags, white ceramic coffee mugs and classic fit cotton tank tops or t-shirts in a variety of different colors for both men and women. They are all printed with a fun emoji wearing the famous eclipse sunglasses and sold at prices that everyone can afford.

This new collection joins the broad variety of clothing, iPhone cases, mugs, caps and beach towels the largest eclipse merchandise store online offers with original artwork, custom designs for each path of totality city and eclipse inspired portraits of famous couples like Bonnie & Clyde, Tarzan & Jane or Daenerys & Drogo.

The SolarEclipseEarth explains that “emojis are now being used to represent one of a kind events so it’s fitting there would be one to help commemorate, celebrate and share the memories of the most watched eclipse in human history. These new emoji designs create a trendy, smart and prized memento everyone will admire and treasure.”

More information on SolarEclipseEarth and its new emoji eclipse collection or the variety of eclipse inspired clothing, gifts and merchandise it has been offering for all those who want to celebrate, commemorate and remember the Great American Eclipse can be consulted at the website link provided above or through

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