Grease Management Company Launches New Site

Sustainable Restaurant Services helps to keep kitchens safe, dispose of hazardous waste products, and makes a positive impact on the environment by turning used oil into biofuel. We are a one-stop shop for all of your grease management needs.

Sustainable Restaurant Services helps grease become California’s renewable energy

El Monte, Calif. – Sustainable Restaurant Services (SRS), a grease management and disposal company, announces a new website that makes it easier for southern California businesses to handle grease responsibly. SRS is a leader in sustainable methods of grease disposal that preserve the environment and protect public infrastructure.

The new SRS website,, helps people learn more about proper grease disposal and schedule ongoing maintenance with experienced professionals. This is essential for businesses — especially restaurants — that handle grease, fats and oils. California’s cities and counties have strict standards for grease disposal, as does the federal government.

The company maintains an ongoing partnership with Crimson Renewable Energy, which is the largest producer of biodiesel in California. This allows grease to become sustainable energy that benefits local people now and into the future.

SRS serves customers in Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Riverside, and Orange County. It’s managed by Jarren Nagy, a leader in the grease management industry. Nagy has worked with more than 2,400 businesses to provide cooking oil collection and grease trap/interceptor cleaning and maintenance.

About Sustainable Restaurant Services:

Sustainable Restaurant Services is located at 10818 Rush St. South in El Monte and serves business customers in the southern California area. The company helps restaurants and other businesses meet strict environmental and regulatory standards for grease, fats, oils, and other greasy byproducts. The substances collected by SRS become California’s renewable energy.

“Sustainable Restaurant Services cares about working collaboratively with our customers to keep kitchens safe, dispose of hazardous waste products the right way, and making a positive impact on the environment by turning used oil into biofuel. We’re a one-stop shop for everything from helping clean and maintain equipment through the pickup and disposal of oil!” – Jarren Nagy, General Manager

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