Gravesend Kent Simple Funerals For DIY Celebration Of Life Services Launched

Haynan Funeral Service has launched its updated simple funeral services in Gravesend, Kent. It also offers direct cremations to give families the most cost-effective option available.

Haynan Funeral Service has launched its updated simple funeral services in Gravesend, Kent. The company also offers direct cremations at affordable prices.

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The newly launched updated service provides families with a low-cost funeral and cremation option. Simple funerals by Haynan Funeral Service involve only a small formal ceremony and are focused on being a celebration of life. The company’s simple funeral service allows for a traditional funeral with a personal event afterwards and comes at a lower price.

Haynan Funeral Service offers all-inclusive simple funerals for £2,200. The company will pick up the deceased person within a 50-mile radius and bring them into their care at the funeral home. Haynan Funeral Service provides a simple coffin, a hearse, and all the required personnel for the ceremony. The funeral director covers all doctors’ and crematorium fees. The company also carries out cremation at one of its chosen crematoria. Completion of all necessary documents is also fulfilled by the funeral director.

A simple cremation service follows a smooth process. Haynan Funeral Service’s chauffeur drives the deceased loved one in a hearse to the chosen site. The company’s pall bearers then carry the coffin into the chapel for final goodbyes to be said and a short funeral service. The family can choose music for the service and can also provide flowers. Donations to a meaningful charity in the deceased’s name can also be requested.

Haynan Funeral Service also offers a direct cremation service for £950 all-inclusive. This low-cost option without a service allows families to save money that can be used for a memorial event to be held in the future. A direct cremation saves money on the cost of an expensive coffin, flowers, and orders of service. Read more about the company’s direct cremation service here

As part of a direct cremation, Haynan Funeral Service will bring the deceased person into their care at their modern facilities. The company provides a simple coffin and conducts the ceremony using a funeral vehicle. It also handles all the required documents. For an additional £50, the company can return the ashes or for no extra cost, the company can scatter the ashes at the crematoria.

In addition to providing the most cost-effective options to say goodbye to a loved one, Haynan Funeral Service also prioritises customer satisfaction and offers 24/7 assistance. All of the company’s staff are highly skilled and experienced.

For more information about Haynan Funeral Service’s direct cremation visit or call 01474 632208.

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