Grass Valley Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Cleansing Body Report Launched

A new acupuncture report has been launched by Dharma Acupuncture, focusing on the benefits of Chinese medicine for cleansing the body. It helps people to achieve a healthier lifestyle for their body and mind.

Dharma Acupuncture has launched a new report on the benefits of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for cleansing the body in time for spring. This time of year is described as one of the best for detoxing the body and ensuring optimum health heading into summer. As part of this process, people can alter their diet to a lighter, healthier menu.

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The site explains that Lisa Swanson has been in the field of natural medicine for over 15 years, and brings a huge amount of experience in using acupuncture for managing pain, for cancer treatment, elder care, stroke rehabilitation, labor preparation and more.

Acupuncture can help with the detoxifying process. It is a major component of traditional Chinese medicine, which has been practiced for ages throughout history. The principle behind acupuncture is on the balance of chi, or the vital life force energy that harmonizes and nourishes the functions of the body.

In traditional Chinese medicine, physicians believed that the best way of healing was to treat disease before it showed any symptoms. They proposed that prevention should be a primary focus and it was for this reason that acupuncture was developed.

Acupuncture for detoxification is also highly effective. When people eat toxic foods, they often get a feeling of heaviness in the body, which is seen as a disruption of energy flow. Consuming healthier food helps people to feel energized, and the body naturally learns which foods provide the most benefit.

In her 10 years of practice as an acupuncturist, Lisa Swanson has witnessed patients getting off their medication and achieving huge successes through the specific cleansing routine she offers.

She says: “Patients feel better and after doing this cleanse. I often see improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, pain syndromes, digestion, sleep, and hormone regulation which effects reproductive health and emotions.”

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