Grapplers Announces that Fruit Tree Growers Now Benefit from the Grappler Claw Pickup Tool

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The purpose of this release is to educate the reader about the ways in which Grapplers Inc.’s Grappler Claw Pick Up Tool can make the task of fruit pickup for growers much easier.

Grapplers Inc., makers of useful and versatile grappling tools for numerous industries and hobbies, has introduced new ways to make life easier for fruit growers. Through the use of the simple and accessible grappling tool, even those growers who have physical limitations can keep their fruit trees in good repair and their fields looking great.

The Grappler is a reach and grab tool that was originally advertised as a product for picking up litter but which has quickly developed into something with a multitude of uses thanks to its simple design and versatility. This simple claw pick up tool comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 30 inches to 96 inches long. For fruit pickers, this means that almost no piece of fruit is out of reach and even the highest branches are easily accessible. (OK, we know that the very top will still need a ladder on some trees). 

One of the biggest challenges that fruit growers face is keeping their groves and yards clean of fallen fruit. Fruit that drops from trees can rot, turning a once-pleasant orchard or backyard into a disorganized mess and attracting animals that might cause damage to the trees. By using the claw pick up tool, growers can easily reach fallen fruit, discarding it without physically touching it and thus avoiding exposure to potential bacteria and parasites.

The lightweight and easy to use nature of the claw pick up tool enhances overall safety by eliminating the need for ladders (in most cases) and ensuring that the majority of work can be performed from the ground. For those who have jobs that require a particularly long reach for the claw pickup tool, extra long sizes are also available. In constructing these tools, Grapplers Inc. uses lightweight aluminum and ensures that all products are manufactured in America. In fact they produce the only American made pickup tool sold on the market today.

In addition to serving as a time saver and a convenience for fruit tree growers, the claw pick up tool can also potentially save on medical costs. A 2013 study released by the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revealed that fruit farms are among the most dangerous places to work in the agriculture industry. Many accidents occur due to fallen ladders, collapsed trees, and other hazards that this tool can help workers avoid.

More information about this and other pick up tools, including a chance to peruse different buying options and learn about new ways the tool can help people, can be found online at

About the Company:

Grapplers Inc. is a company that began in 2002 as part of a joint venture by Jay and Bonnie Thiessens. More than 20 years later, it is one of the few remaining product manufacturers that make their products entirely from American materials. Known for the high quality of its products, the company is based out of Sparks, Nevada. They can be reached by calling (877) 212-5803 or by going to the website at

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