Graphic Sucmuno By Anugerah Syaifullah For Maximizing Social Media Launched

Anugerah Syaifullah, a digital marketing entrepreneur, is launching Graphic Socmuno, an all-inclusive branding and design tool meant to help startups and other businesses take command of their social media marketing efforts.

Socmuno is launching an all-inclusive and unique social media branding suite designed to give startups and businesses a competitive edge in their marketing efforts.

More information about Socmuno is available on their main page:

Socmuno provides its users with access to a well-curated, frequently updated database of high quality images and graphics that can help a brand become more appealing.

The suite also includes comprehensive, user-friendly software that will put the power and efficiency of a New York marketing firm into the hands of users, allowing them to take control of their social media and marketing efforts with drag-and-drop efficiency and ease.

Digital marketing has evolved a point where everybody is competing, and competing fiercely. Individuals, brands, and companies the world over rely on digital branding more than ever before to interface and build relationships with customers. All organizations, large or small, would do well to not only test the waters of brand marketing, but to jump in with both feet.

Graphic Sucmuno and the years of expertise behind the product aim to make that jump a no-brainer for digital entrepreneurs all over the world.

The price/cost requirements of similar services could put a young startup out of business. Graphic Socmuno offers a reliable, proven, and user-friendly solution to what many business owners consider to be one of the marketing industry’s biggest road bumps: getting started.

By designing and incorporating a drag-and-drop user interface, Syaifullah’s product is ideal for branding images for use on all of today’s popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Google Plus. Users can also create a business card, flyers, or make an eye-popping logo in a few minute’s time.

As a one-stop solution to brand building, logo management, and crafting images that are just right for social media, Graphic Sucmuno is fast positioning itself to be one of 2017’s top performers.

The website contains more information pertaining to all things Graphic Socmuno — the image assets library, the software, the combined years of expertise behind the product — and is available here:

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