Granite Island Movie Set To Attract Victor Harbor & Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism

Xavier Ross has written a movie script, “Granite Island.” The supernatural thriller story line mixes contemporary and historical fact and fiction. It chronicles the early years of Victor Harbor as the thriving whaling station before its transformation into a popular tourist destination. Website:

Screenplay, novel and song writer Xavier Ross has written a unique feature-length screenplay, “Granite Island.”

The movie is a supernatural horror/thriller set in two intertwining eras. It has historical and contemporary elements, fusing fact and fiction. The backdrop is the sleepy, coastal town of Victor Harbor, or Port Victor as it was known originally. It chronicles the early years of Victor Harbor as the thriving whaling station Port Victor, but through a series of events, its eventual demise before its transformation into a popular tourist destination.

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Granite Island sets its main focus on a young woman and her three friends, celebrating Schoolies week in a popular coastal tourist town, battle for their lives after they unwittingly summon a revengeful entity of the former whaling colony with a shocking secret. A horrible wrong the young woman is determined to right.

This is the first screenplay Ross has authored. The script was written with the aim in mind to boost the tourism sector in the Fleurieu Peninsula. “Tourism in Victor Harbor and Fleurieu Peninsula is virtually dying, to the extent that a “swimming with Tuna” cage off Granite Island was flagged as its saviour, despite outcries from the locals not to mention its negative impact on the eco-culture. In this regard, Tourism South Australia is interested in the concept of a film and discussions with the local Mayor agreeing to virtually hand over the town to produce a movie here.”

Readers will likely find a particular interest in covers a number of other issues surrounding the founding of South Australia including: government, trade, religion, conservation (whaling), and relationships with indigenous peoples. It would be an opportunity to raise the profile of these aspects of South Australian history.

When asked about why they wrote the book, Ross said: “I began this venture after reading about the state of apathy of the film industry in Australia. People in the industry were complaining about the lack of original ideas. Films were set either in the outback or inner suburbia. Granite Island is a welcome departure from this apathy.”

Ross has hopes that the script will optioned and produced into a film.

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