Graham Chiropractic Adds New XRay Equipment

Graham Chiropractic in Louisville Kentucky has installed safe, electronic imaging to make XRays safer and more effective for its patients.

Graham Chiropractic Louisville has recently installed a state of the art digital x-ray machine. Dr. Graham states, “there are many advantages to using digital radiography and I am going to list a few.” #1. Digital radiography typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more. Although an x-ray of the spine poses a very low threat, it is still better to have less radiation if possible. Dr. Graham’s digital equipment lowers the risk.

#2. Chiropractor Graham went on to say that with digital radiography image enhancement is possible. With type of equipment, Graham explains, “you can enlarge images, make images darker or lighter on demand. This improves my ability to detect disease processes. This all adds to a faster diagnosis.”

#3. Graham states that the enhanced imaging can now bring out tiny fractures that may not be detected with conventional imaging.

#4 Greater speed when doing consulting, the X Ray image can instantly be sent to other doctors for consultation. Electronic images streamline the work flow.

These factors all work together to improve the level and the quality of care. Since the development step has been removed, the speed of the whole process is improved which streamlines the treatment leading to greater patient satisfaction..

Its a whole new world with he electronic images, storage is simpler, no large floppy X Rays floating around to be misplaced or lost, the entire process is improved. Patients no longer need to wait while X Rays are processed, they are available instantly. Treatment can begin on the first visit providing immediate relief. The patients are the big winners with this process, gaining improved care and speed of treatment.

Graham Chiropractic continues to improve on the quality of their care to their patient and looks forward to serving the Louisville area for many years to come.

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