Grafton MA Naprapathic Therapy – Gentle Body Work Pain Treatment Launched

Poe Holistic Health has launched updated Naprapathic pain treatments for patients in Grafton, Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Northborough, MA. The new therapies include gentle fascia body work.

Alternative medicine practice Poe Holistic Health has launched expanded Naprapathic therapy services for residents of Grafton, Massachusetts. The center’s gentle body work treatment can help patients return to an active and pain-free lifestyle.

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When treating chronic pain or discomfort, Poe Holistic Health’s alternative therapies offer a more natural and conservative alternative to pharmaceuticals and invasive surgical interventions.

Naprapathy, or gentle fascia body work, focuses on treating the body’s connective tissue in order to restore “myofascial freedom”. The practice can be used to treat a range of common health issues, including headaches, sciatica, shoulder pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

Dr. Kristen Poe, the founder of Poe Holistic Health, holds a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine and a doctorate in Naprapathy. Dr. Poe currently provides her services as both a Holistic Health Consultant and a Naprapathic Body Work Therapist.

Using the Graston Technique of manual therapy, Dr. Poe gently massages patients’ connective tissues, joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Dr. Poe’s fascia body work also incorporates nutritional counseling and other pain-alleviating therapeutic modalities such as heat, cold, light, water, radiant energy, and sound.

The treatment offers a variety of benefits for one’s mental and physical well-being, including improved sleep, stress reduction, improved posture and mobility, and increased circulation.

Patients can schedule a full initial holistic health consultation and body work session with Dr. Poe on the Poe Holistic Health website.

Due to the current pandemic, patients must wear a mask at all times and undergo a temperature scan prior to their body work session.

In addition to Naprapathy, Poe Holistic Health offers herbal therapy, nutritional counseling, homeopathy, and holistic health therapy services.

A satisfied patient said: “I had an amazing consultation with Dr. Poe and I am so thrilled to work with her going forward. I have been suffering for too long now and I finally feel as though I have found someone that can help me get to the bottom of all of my concerns.”

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