Grabit Products Ramps Up to Accommodate Phone & Tablet Use on Restaurant Tables

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The unique table caddy designs with phone and tablet stands offer convenient options for working from dining hospitality settings - perfect for recreational or remote work use.

Grabit Products launched their unique phone and tablet stands in 2019 with the goal of bringing convenience to anyone using small media devices in hospitality industry settings. With the increase in work-from-home or remote work over the last couple of years, demand for their stands has grown immensely. The company is scaling productivity to meet the needs of the growing number of remote workers. See products here:

According to recent studies, the up-trend in remote work will continue. Currently, at least 66% of employees in the U.S work remotely, at least part-time. A majority of the workforce, 68%, wants to work remotely, and at least 23% would take a 10% pay cut to do so. At the current rate, over 36 million workers are likely to work from home by 2025. Naturally, most remote-workers have the flexibility to work also from restaurants, coffee shops and other hospitality industry settings, thanks to laptop computers, tablets, and smart-phones.

The Founder, Sean Halpin of Halpin Designs, recognized the need for tablet and phone stands while dining out, himself. As an entrepreneur who was free to work remotely, it occurred to him that he could be more productive if his devices were securely propped up so he could check emails, news, etc. while eating and drinking his coffee. The salt and pepper shakers and ketchup bottles did not work! In no time, he had designed three different stands appropriate for any setting: sugar bowl, creamer, and butter/jelly holders.

“When I conceived of and designed our Grabit Products device stands, I had no idea the work-from-home or remote work market would grow like it has,” says Halpin. “We look forward to aligning with more restaurants, coffee shops, bars…you name it. We’re helping workers be more productive, but also just simply making it easier for people to use their phones and tablets for work OR fun!”

The Hwy One Café on Pacific Coast Hwy in Oceanside, California has been using the table caddies since 2020, and their guests love the convenience. “When we accommodate clients’ needs, they appreciate it greatly!” says the owner.

The company is prepared to meet the demands and fulfill orders nationwide, with discounts available for bulk orders.

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