GPS Moving Adds More Fresh Services to Their Offer along Long Distance Moving

GPS Moving is a moving company which recently uncovered their latest features and services. Moreover, they introduced their new storage options accompanied by the free delivery of boxes within the first fifty miles and the lower prices of the moving supplies.

GPS Moving, a company specializing in out of state moving, pronounced that they add more fresh services to their offer. Following their successful cooperation with their satisfied clients that has lasted for exactly a decade, they intend to give back to them and attract new people at the same time. Their team of out of state movers has helped implement these services connected to the storage, delivery and moving supplies.

Of their out of state moving services, Kate has only positive words to tell, “The crew was so nice all the time. The information they provided was super informative and their whole approach was very friendly and professional, too. They took my furniture very fast and effectively. Their customer service was just top notch.”

While the out of state move is in process, all clients that need a place to store their belongings at, have a chance to do so. In fact, the company provides storage no matter the length or destination of the move. Their intention is to increase the number of clients by giving them more options to store their stuff during the transit.

Also, GPS Moving presented their delivery service. They deliver boxes for free during the first fifty miles. What’s more, the company lowered the price of moving supplies such as boxes, crates or bins. This comes at the start of the new year to motivate clients to continue trusting them and bring new ones along the way.

To keep their clients posted about these novelties, GPS Moving incorporated these tactics into their promotion strategy:

Social media – They updated their profiles with the latest offers, letting their fans know about the brand new services since the beginning.Their website – They placed an additional page on their website containing these services so that everyone who came to the site would see them among the first things.Face-to-face – The word of mouth spreads the fastest and the company took advantage of that.Email

About GPS Moving: GPS Moving is a company that operates in the out of state and long distance moving and storage field since 2007. It employs some of the best out of state movers San Diego to perform all the moving procedures including the previously mentioned free and discounted services. When it comes to the communication with their customers, their staff has won an award for great service.

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