GP Jobs In Australia – High Demand for UK and Irish GPs

The demand for GP jobs in Australia from GPs trained in the United Kingdom and Ireland is increasing as more doctors discover the benefits of the Australian health system compared to the NHS. Doctors can earn a higher income for fewer hours and less stress.

UK and Irish General Practitioners (GPs) are being attracted to the attractive areas of Australia, according to the Marketing Director of a leading Brisbane GP Super Clinic. “British trained GPs can trade working in the sometimes confining NHS for a highly paid role in Australia – and live an idyllic lifestyle on the fantastic Sunshine Coast of Qld.” Said Mr Jim Hooper of the Caboolture Super Clinic.

“Not only do the British GPs get to live either in Brisbane or on the coast, but a motivated doctor can earn up to half a million dollars (about 340,000 Euro) without even working weekends or evenings. And right now we are searching for more GPs to join us.” He said. GP Jobs in Australia are very attractive to UK GPs.

“The benefit of being trained as a doctor in the United Kingdom or Ireland is that the Australian Medical Board recognizes that training as equivalent to Australian medical training. This means it relatively straightforward to get registered to practice medicine here. So if a doctor in the UK gets tired of the bureaucracy, or the weather, or simply wants to take the opportunity to make a lot more money – it is a simple choice – just contact us.” Mr Hooper said.

He said that Australia has some very specific rules about where an Overseas Trained Doctor (OTD) must practice when they are registered here. New GPs are guided to practice in areas where there is a shortage of doctors. These regions are called “Districts of Workforce Shortage” or DWS – and are usually not near the major cities or on the nicer areas of the coast. They are usually inland in small towns that have trouble attracting good doctors.

“The benefit of our clinic here in Caboolture is that because of the population growth, we are designated as a DWS area even though we are close to both metropolitan Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. This means that emigrating GPs have the opportunity to both earn very well and live in this very attractive part of Australia. That is one reason why UK GPs are keen to talk with us.” Mr Hooper said.

The other challenge to UK GPs getting jobs in Australia is getting the visa to work here. “The Australian 457 Visa allows skilled workers to come to Australia with sponsorship from a potential Australian employer. This can seem like a major hurdle, really it is just a matter of your potential employer being an approved sponsor – and then going through the process, which is reasonably well defined. We can take care of the process”. He said.

More information about GP jobs in Australia can be found here.

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