Gourmet Easy design the best durable no peel stainless steel garlic press

Premium kitchenware and utensil company, Gourmet Easy has designed one of the most simplest and innovative garlic mincer products on the market. More information about this unique utensil can be found at https://gourmeteasyonline.com.

Gourmet Easy has aimed to separate itself from the competition by designing and guaranteeing the best quality kitchen tools and utensils for its customers. One of their most popular products being the ‘Garlic Easy’ garlic press.

Some of the quality features of the ‘Garlic Easy’ include 100% premium FDA certified food grade stainless steel for health and safety, erosion proof, no change of color on the surface over time, dishwasher safe, 5 year guarantee and MORE.

No cleaning brushes or utensils needed. No more garlic odor on your hands for days. Simply take apart the uniquely-designed handle and scrape out the clove jackets.

Information about this incredibly designed product can be found at https://gourmeteasyonline.com/collections/gourmet-easy/products/garlic-easy.

For a long time there has been a gap in the market of high-end kitchen products that can go the distance of years of cooking and baking in the kitchen. Other garlic pressers have handles that swing or require finesse when squeezing down on the presser, holes too small that garlic could not be pressed through and would spill out the sides, and also require rigorous cleaning to get the clove jackets out.

Until now.

Made of premium stainless steel with a comfortable handle and mirror finish, the ‘Garlic Easy’ can mince multiple unpeeled garlic cloves with ease. The unique handle design comes apart and then used to scrape and clean the jackets out of the large basket. Simply rinse the garlic press under water and it’s clean.

One very satisfied customer said: “This tool is just a piece of art! The finishing is so premium. Just looking at is pleasurable. And it works too! I have to leave a review to share with everyone. I would give it 10 stars if I can.”

More detailed images and demonstrations of the use of the ‘Garlic Easy’ can be discovered at https://gourmeteasyonline.com/collections/gourmet-easy/products/garlic-easy.

The founder of Gourmet Easy recently stated: “We are really proud of what we have achieved so far. As a team, we think cooking is a genuine expression of love. When you cook, you are caring for yourself, family and loved ones. Food brings everyone together.

A lot of love has gone into this brand and we have always kept the customers’ needs at the forefront of our endeavors. We have built this company on a simple premise: “gourmet made easy”.”

Other products within their newly designed range include stainless steel non-stick knives, kitchen hammers, juicers, rolling pins and baking mats and peelers. Go to https://gourmeteasyonline.com/collections/all.

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