Goshen Chamber of Commerce NY Utilizing Latest Technologies

Goshen Chamber of Commerce Utilizing Latest Technologies: Online Review Platform to enhance and maintain their reputation & Progressive Web App (PWA) to stay connected with their members.

Inside Scoop on the Goshen Chamber of Commerce Utilizing Latest Web Based Technologies: Online Review Platform to enhance and maintain their reputation & Progressive Web App (PWA) to stay connected with their members with information relevant to the chamber’s business.

The Goshen Chamber of Commerce plays a significant role in the growth, business climate and economy of the Orange County area. Orange County which dates to 1683, named after Prince of Orange, who subsequently became King William III of England is among the most respected in New York State.

Goshen Chamber of Commerce programs and activities are vital to the lifestyle & economics of the area.

The Chamber is proud of the benefits and services provided to their members. Goshen Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in the community and encompasses the entire Orange County area. We provide guidance on economic and political issues and help promote a healthy business environment.

Barbara Martinez States:

” I want to thank Rick Scherer & Network Fusion Digital Marketing for helping us establish a strong online presence and great Google reviews. We are excited to introduce our new Goshen Chamber of Commerce App created to make it easier for our members and potential members to stay connected and up to date on all of our upcoming events. Our motto is Goshen Chamber Connects, and with our new mobile app you can stay connected with us all the time. Google reviews are important to our business and yours, and your Chamber we are setting the pace to help your business, our members grow with pride. So, stay connected with us. Thank you, Rick Scherer and Network Fusion Digital Marketing, for helping our Goshen Chamber of Commerce continue to set the pace. “

Joining the Goshen Chamber of Commerce today is a wise choice among other investments a business can make, both for expanding profitability and for enhancing the Goshen Community. Participation is a venture offering an arrival of new leads for any business, a better economy and true personal satisfaction.

A national survey reveals that being active in a local Chamber of Commerce is an effective business strategy because two-thirds of consumers believe that such companies use good business practices, are reputable, care about their customers, and are involved in the community.

Chamber membership provides an effective way to advertise new or existing business. Members Make the Chamber Successful:


Goshen Chamber of Commerce consists of a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and community leaders of diverse backgrounds who understand the importance of empowering local businesses and growing the local economy. The goal is to help develop and promote businesses through programs, activities and services.

“The Goshen Chamber of Commerce is about business and community. First organized as the Goshen Board of Trade in 1895, and later became known as the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. Over the decades diverse businesses have been part of the vibrant chamber community and Board members have been leaders in commerce, organizations and community. In the 100+ years this chamber has we have never wavered from the ideal of supporting member businesses through good or bad economic times”.

Through active participation, members have an opportunity to develop relationships with people that can supporting local business efforts and have access to an excellent source for new client development. Through membership, the Chamber will echo concerns and be a voice in the social, economic, educational and political sectors.

Goshen Chamber of Commerce NY. Utilized Latest Technologies to Enhance Online Reputation & To Communicate with Its Members

Goshen Chamber Mission Statement:

“To generally foster trade and commerce and the interests of those having a common trade, business, financial or professional interest, to reform abuses relative thereto, to secure freedom from unjust or unlawful exactions, to diffuse accurate and reliable information as to the standing of merchants, business firms and other matters, to procure uniformity and certainty in the customs and usages of trade and commerce, and of those having a common trade, business, financial or professional interest within the general area of the Town of Goshen, County of Orange, State of New York…..”

The Collaboration:

In mid-March of 2019, Rick Scherer, of Connect-Tek, Inc. dba Network Fusion, a New York based digital marketing agency, along with SP Enterprises, reached out to Executive Director Barbara Martinez to help with the Chamber’s Online Reputation & Reviews. He had an extremely interesting & unique approach!

What Rick Scherer offered was FREE FOR LIFE Online Review Platform his company offers. The idea was to give them something that would help them, help themselves and the Chamber’s members! Barbara Martinez also had a vision of being able to connect with her members utilizing a mobile app and elaborated on that vision. The technology Rick Scherer recommend was a PWA (Progressive Web App) of which Barbara agreed was the platform to initiate.

Rick said,

“I approached the Goshen Chamber of Commerce with a gift of our online review platform which will allow them to have an automated proactive system to receive Online Reviews from the Chamber Members and anyone else wanting to leave the Chamber a review. We now have a great relationship with the Chamber, and after about 1 week of working with the chamber we have made great progress by almost doubling the Google reviews they had originally gathered over the past 2 years.”

Online Reviews are trusted by consumers, in fact 91% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Online Reviews are today’s referrals. With consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business, it is important to maintain a consistent level of current reviews.

Mr. Scherer went on to say, “the Members of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce are very lucky to have such dedicated professionals who made the decision to lead by example. The women leading this Chamber are very inspirational”.

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