Gordon Rush, New Brand Making Waves Says Fashion Authority MenFashionNow

MenFashionNow provides an objective, unbiased critique of Gordon Rush brand, as well as its own insights for consumers within the fashion market. The full review can be found at http://menfashionnow.com//gordon-rush-shoes-men-review-quality-features/

A well regarded authority on all things fashion “MenFashionNow”, has released an in-depth analysis of Gordon Rush shoes, and now welcomes comments from its readers and other thought leaders in the fashion arena.

Gordon Rush are a men’s fashion brand and MenFashionNow’s analysis covers the key points of the offering.

For example, what they offer are well-crafted with lots of detailing – delivering the benefit of a long lasting sole that can easily be replaced if worn out . Another core focus that has made them stand head and shoulder high in a competitive environment is how they utilize Italian calf suede for the uppers, breathable calf and genuine skin lining that will likely please buyers and also provide the additional benefit of comfort which is relatively broken-in with little or no pain.

Alan Gordon, Branch Manager at Gordon Rush, says: “We believe that iconic, classic pieces stand out quietly through the seasons and develop a story all on their own. It’s with beauty and integrity in mind that we create tailored footwear crafted with timeless appeal”.

“We’re aiming that this analysis will stand as a flagship for consumers in the fashion market, as we provide an objective, unbiased look at how well Gordon Rush delivers on its promises.”

They go on to say:

“At MenFashionNow we strive to provide our readers and fashion consumers with unbiased information on this relatively new brand in the men’s fashion niche because customers are often in a dilemma on the brand of shoe to stick with, hopefully this article will shed some light on this relatively new shoe brand .”

With so many people interested in low cost high value shoes like this, there is an appropriate level of commotion and occasionally confusion within the market. MenFashionNow aims to step in with their own class of analysis, and hopes to adequately inform the audience on the most popular Gordon Rush shoes with descent verified customer purchase rating.

MenFashionNow has been online for 6 years and it’s ultimate aim is to raise awareness on fashion trends for men, providing unbiased value for targeted audiences.

The brand analysis is available to view in full at http://menfashionnow.com//gordon-rush-shoes-men-review-quality-features/

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