Goozleology Helps Challenged Athletes Foundation Get Up $40K/Month From Google

Goozleology San Diego SEO will help Challenged Athletes Foundation receive up to $40K per month in free advertising on Google Adwords by getting them into the Google Grants program and helping them manage their advertising campaigns on Google Adwords

Goozleology San Diego SEO, a certified Google Partner, announced today that they would help the Challenged Athletes Foundation get approved for Google Grants. Additionally, the Challenged Athletes Foundation will receive up to $40K per month in free Google Adwords advertising and Goozleology’s assistance to manage their advertising for free.

Goozleology CEO, Ed Brancheau, says, “I’ve always admired the Challenged Athletes Foundation and the hard work they do helping disabled athletes live more fulfilling lives as well as achieve their goals like competing in the Special Olympics.” He said, “Goozleology is thrilled to be able to assist non-profit organizations like Challenged Athletes Foundation which has given so much and done so much good for disabled athletes and their families over the years.”

He said that, as part of their Fundraising Fridays, in which Goozleology allows its employees to donate their Fridays to work on projects for non-profits, they will donate their time and expertise to help the Challenged Athletes Foundation and additional non-profits receive up to $40K per month in Google Adwords advertising for free. In turn, they’ll also be helping more disabled athletes and other people in need.

Furthermore, Ed Brancheau and Goozleology are not stopping at only Challenged Athletes Foundation. In fact, Goozleology’s goal is to help one non-profit for every paying client that Goozleology signs. Ed Brancheau says, “So,if you are part of a worthy non-profit or know of one that would like to receive up to $40K per month in free Google Adwords advertising, reach out to me because we’re always looking for additional non-profits to help. No non-profit is too small or too large.”

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Goozleology San Diego SEO was founded in 2008 and serves small to medium sized business and non-profits. It is known for obtaining up to $40K per month in free advertising for non-profits and generating extremely high ROIs for profit businesses.

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