Gooseneck Kettle With Thermometer – Stainless Steel Coffee/Tea Product Launched

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Luv Muggs launched their new line of stainless steel gooseneck kettles. The company specializes in coffee and tea equipment for brewing, storage, and consumption.

The new stainless steel kettles offer an enhanced coffee and tea brewing experience with their stylish gooseneck design and precise built-in thermometer.

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With the kettles’ fast boiling magnetic pot bottom technology and internal thermometer, coffee and tea enthusiasts can now quickly brew perfect beverages. The product also features a sleek design, carefully crafted ergonomics, and customizable features.

Through extensive research, coffee experts have found that water temperature plays a critical role in the brewing process because it directly affects the rate of extraction. Extraction is when flavors, caffeine, oils, and acids are dissolved from the coffee grounds into the brew. Higher water temperatures equate to quicker extraction times and vice versa. To achieve the perfect cup of coffee, brewers control the extraction by striking a delicate balance between the type of roast and brewing temperature.

The magnetic pot bottom and built-in thermometer in Luv Mugg’s gooseneck kettles allow customers to achieve and monitor their ideal brewing temperature quickly. This accurate control offers brewers the ability to perfect their blonde, medium, and dark roasts as well as teas.

Luv Muggs kettles are made with the highest quality materials available. All products are 100% stainless steel, and thermometers are precisely calibrated.

The gooseneck kettles are also customizable to match different kitchen styles. Customers can choose from black or silver stainless steel and a black rubber or dark wood handle.

About Luv Muggs

Luv Muggs aims to help transform their customers’ coffee and tea drinking experience into a ritual of self-care and tranquility. They pride themselves on making affordable products of premium quality. Products sold on their website include hand-finished mugs, various brewing equipment, and containers to store coffee and tea properly.

A satisfied customer: “This kettle feels particularly good to use! With the thermometer, it is much easier to control the temperature of my hand-made coffee. It is easy to clean and I am impressed with the fine workmanship. I’d recommend it to any hand-brewer looking for complete control over their brewing temperature.”

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