Google To Punish Websites Without A Secure SSL Certificate Properly Installed

From January 2018 Google will start punishing insecure websites that do not have an SSL Certificate properly installed. Firstly, visitors will get a big fat warning that the website is "Not Secure", and people will leave the site. Then search engine rankings will suffer.

From January 2018, Google will warn visitors about any website that is not secure. This can have serious consequences for most websites on the internet. This is a very Scary Update from Google that could drag websites down to obscurity.


It will clearly state that the website is not secure. With all the internet theft and hacking that occurs, customers will probably leave the site as soon as they see the warning.

But, it doesn’t just stop there…

In an effort to encourage the move toward a totally secure internet, Google is using SSL as a ranking signal. This means that SSL secured websites will have an SEO advantage over websites which don’t have an SSL Certificate.

In laymen’s terms, an SSL certificate is what makes a website secure. To put it simply: Google will prioritize sites that are secure – and penalize those that aren’t. Unsecured sites will also have a warning, that the website is unsafe, and customers might (and probably will) go running when they see that warning.

All unsecure websites will gradually “lose favour” with Google and search engine rankings will diminish. Therefore, businesses owners NEED to secure their sites or they can lose business. A local business website without an SSL certificate could be losing hundreds, even thousands of dollars, every month, to their competitors!

Instead of HTTP the website will start with HTTPS, and in front of the HTTPS a closed padlock can be seen. Updating to an SSL Certificate is a very complicated procedure,that should be left for the experts. It’s not just a simple matter of clicking a button to update the site’s domain name settings.

The reason it’s so complicated is that every single page on the website needs to be secure. And every single image or PDF needs to be secure. Every single internal link within the website needs to be secure. So the more pages, images and PDF’s and files there are, the more changes need to be made. The task can be daunting, and if not done correctly, the site will still get that big fat security warning.

It is recommended to do this immediately, before Google starts to slap some punishment on the website.

After the SSL certificate is installed, customers will be able to quickly see that they are on a secure website and their personal privacy is protected. Therefore, they will know they can trust the website and should have no concerns about providing their personal information in a form or checkout.

Secure SSLforMe can supply and correctly install an SSL on websites that have a cpanel, for a very reasonable fee. The consequences of doing nothing could cost businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month with website visitors abandoning the site, and loss of search engine rankings. This is really important for any business on the internet.

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