Google Review Algorithm Gets Put on Autopilot with Solutions like RhinoReviews

Reputation management software package captures negative reviews before arriving on major sites including Yelp, Houzz, Google and TripAdvisor while generating legitimate reviews from real customers, causing a significant boost in local rankings in the Search Engines.

According to surveys conducted by such respected entities as Dimensional Research, a whopping 90-percent of customers in today’s commerce market say that buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Businesses operating in the mobile and “personalization marketing” era are quickly discovering that negative reviews cost money – in fact, approximately nine-percent of revenue can be lost per each negative review. In response, companies have learned that an abundance of reviews means better ranking in Google, which in turn means more phone calls – if those reviews are positive. Into this foray have come solutions such as Rhino Reviews, which offers a reputation management software product that works by capturing negative reviews before they arrive on major review sites like Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor and Houzz for thousands to see, while also generating legitimate reviews from actual customers on a complete “autopilot” basis.

Sophia Nucci, Sales Director of Rhino Reviews, explains the process: “Reviews are the biggest factor in Google’s algorithm when putting businesses into what’s called the ‘Google three-pack,’ which was formerly known as the ‘seven pack.’ By using Rhino’s fully automated system, businesses are constantly pushed up the Google search rankings, and once in the three-pack – with far more positive reviews than the competition – it is virtually impossible to be pushed out. Companies can say goodbye to paying so-called ‘SEO gurus’ each month, saving them anywhere from $500 to $1500 per month in SEO fees by using our review software. What’s more, businesses will experience more calls, and convert more ‘prospects’ into actual paying customers.”

According to Nucci, the longer a client uses the reputation management software, the better the chance for ranking on the first page of Google, because it’s the sheer number of reviews that Google looks at when ranking local businesses in the aforementioned three-pack. “Once a company is one of the three businesses in the Google three-pack on the first page of Google, and is receiving dozens of five-star reviews, the phone will ring like wildfire,” adds Nucci. “The best form of advertising, after all these years, is still word-of-mouth, and our solution represents the digital version of this approach.” With consumers being 10 times more likely to leave a negative review rather than a positive one when they’re “emotionally-charged,” industry authorities such Sophia Nucci of Rhino Reviews say it makes sense to “rebalance” these odds back in the favor of the businesses, because it is easy to come across as a “poorly-run” company if the online reputation isn’t managed. “To put it succinctly, businesses will be committing corporate suicide if they aren’t managing their reputation in the digital age,” concludes Nucci.

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