Google Pays Record $25M for .APP gTLD, But .COM Domain Names Are Preferred by Masses

While Google buys .app internet extension, the masses still overwhelmingly prefer .COM gTLDs. Desirable, aged .COMS are starting to bring hefty prices again as investment quality .COM's are getting harder to find.

Los Angeles, CA, March 3, 2015 Google announced that they have acquired the new gTLD extension .app for $25,001,000.00, making it the highest price ever paid for the right to register new domain names. With the purchase of the .app gTLD, Google joins registrars for the dozens of new top level domain extensions approved nearly two years ago.

The winners of the gTLD auctions have been slowly rolling out registrations for domain names with extensions such as .club, .recipes and .coffee. While many Internet watchers predicted that the new gTLDs would dilute the value of .com extensions, it appears to be having the exact opposite effect.

In fact, auctions for .COM domain names seem to have picked up steam in recent months, with many popular names pulling in five-figure and six-figure bids. An auction earlier this month, for example, posted nearly $1 million in sales of 146 domain names, including the domain, which brought in nearly $30,000. Those figures are in sharp contrast to similar auctions just a few months ago, which averaged less than half the number of domain names and far smaller bids.

While those figures are certainly attention getting, the bulk of the domain names sold at auction tend to bring in bids in the four-figure range, which is still a considerable markup over the typical $12 annual registration fee. Investors and website developers will find the best bargains on auction sites with .COM names that contain generic keywords. Those sites offer excellent development and investment potential domains, according to one long-time LA-based Internet marketer.

That’s especially true when the domain name has been registered for several years. These “aged” domains tend to rank higher and get content indexed faster by the search engines, making them more profitable for Internet marketers and website developers. And, it’s worth noting, despite the new gTLDs, .COM domains still rank better and faster than websites on .org, .net or any of the other TLD extensions.

As the domain name auction action heats up, some sellers are sweetening the pot with special deals and gimmicks. One such deal is an “auction bundle” which sells several .COM domain names for a single price. While some sellers use bundling as a way to increase the value of a less desirable site, some of them actually offer excellent value when taken as a whole. One such .com .com investment domain name bundle is the one offered by Internet marketer Matthew7 on, a website devoted to selling domain names and online businesses. The bundle includes five 9 to 12-year-old domain names with keywords related to wedding, event planning and party planning, niche industries that do more than $51 billion a year in business.

As the dust settles round the new top-level domain names and it becomes clear that once again .COM reigns supreme, domain name deals are sure to become scarce again. This could be the ideal time for the savvy businessperson to invest in high-quality, aged .com domain names, whether to develop as online properties or to resell individually for a profit at a later time.

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