Google Bought YouTube Back in Oct, 2006 Now Its The 2nd Largest Search Engine

It was then in October, 2006 when Google purchased YouTube. Ever since then, Google has spent time, money and effort in developing the potential of Youtube and now, it has become the second largest search engine in the world following Google itself.

October 2006 was when Google purchased YouTube for the amount of 1.6 billion dollars and spent time, money and effort in developing the potential of YouTube. For the years that follow YouTube has successfully become the second largest search engine in the world following Google itself.

YouTube became as it is today through Google developing it by the use of listing properly related YouTube videos according to the search keyword. According to the search keyword, a number of YouTube videos are listed inside of Google’s search results. This listing plays very important role when it comes to Google search rankings with the fact that one can now raise their rank with a YouTube video rather than just their website.

A quote from Adweek says, “YouTube, broken out from Google’s overall business, is potentially worth more than Twitter with a valuation up to $40 billion, according to an analysis released today by Jefferies.” With the rapid growth of digital video advertising, Youtube is the top beneficiary of this digital advertising advancement. It is a market with net worth that amounts to billions making it a very profitable niche.

YouTube’s worth of 1.65 billion dollars back in October, 2006 has now skyrocketed to more than 40 billion dollars and still continuously rising. That essentially raised business owners’ realization to the power which YouTube videos can offer them. With YouTube videos, business owners can easily raise to Google page one rankings search results virtually instantly.

Bret Moleta of Mindsaw was the one who developed the method where YouTube’s own admin section allows Google to index YouTube videos. This method allows for the user to simply enter a keyword about a local business, services and product which then ends to Google search results with YouTube videos indexed as it relates to the search keyword provided.

With using YouTube’s domain authority, businesses can significantly raise their search rankings to the first page of the results. Evidently, there is great potential to which YouTube videos indexed in each Google results towards the many businesses that are not able to rise in ranks before. A good example when looking for a local SEO company with YouTube indexed search ranking is Apparently, the answer to business owners’ dilemma of rising to the top of Google search rankings is creating their own YouTube videos. The benefits of YouTube videos are extravagant as it takes search engine optimization in a whole new level. If before companies do not easily show up on Google rankings, with the use of Mindsaw YouTube marketing companies’ rise in rank against one’s competitor is immediate and simple.

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