Google Ads Video Ranking Strategy – White Hat SEO Masterclass Webinar Launched

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Paul Murphy from Not Ad Words launches an online masterclass webinar that aims to help businesses rank at the top of Google and YouTube SERPs in less than 24 hours and stay there for years to come.

Paul Murphy, the founder of Not Ad Words announces a new masterclass webinar to teach business owners how to use video content to rank for keywords in both Google and YouTube searches.

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The newly announced online masterclass intends to outline an alternative method for small businesses to increase their ranking without using expensive paid traffic products that can cost as high as $10,000 per month.

According to Murphy, for successful online sales, businesses need to rank high enough in potential customers’ Google and Youtube searches to gain visibility and attract attention. Online advertising costs increase when the business is not reaching many people, so small to medium businesses often find themselves at a disadvantage when promoting their products and services.

Paul Murphy has developed a digital program called the 24 Hour Ranking System which helps business owners rank their website on Google search engine results pages. He has now launched a free course to help businesses rank their website on the first page of Google and YouTube within 24 hours.

The online webinar teaches a proven, easy-to-replicate method to business owners and marketers struggling with SEO. The masterclass consists of 10 modules.

Early bird registrants can learn how to quickly increase their website traffic and conversion rates and how to push their ranking up to the first page on Google for any keyword. As a result, they can maximize lead generation year after year.

Paul Murphy specializes in underground white hat SEO, taking an ethical approach to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus on a human audience while being compliant with search engine regulations. His aim is to help those with smaller or non-existent ad budgets and those with limited SEO experience.

He says, “My new webinar aims to show marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners how to get unlimited 100% free ads at the top of Google and keep them there for years to come, in less than 24 hours.”

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