Google Ads & Facebook Advertising To Change Real Estate Market Lead Generation

Google Ads & Facebook Advertising for Real Estate professionals looking to grow their business exponentially through qualified leads generated by MotorCity Concepts.

The Real Estate market is littered with shared leads that professionals can purchase and chase for pennies on the dollar. MotorCity Concepts generates qualified leads that are completely 100% for the client they are working with. This means that there is not multiple people who have already called this person for their services. These are people who have a genuine interest in buying, selling, renting, or even investment interests and want to move forward. MotorCity Concepts President has said “Real Estate professionals have enough on their plate to focus on with the most important being closing with a client. Take the time you would sifting through shared leads and apply that to closing to see exponential growth”.

This Michigan based marketing agency is changing how the Real Estate generate leads who are ready to buy homes, sell homes, rent out properties, and advertise for an open house. MotorCity Concepts has been able to diversify themselves & their Real Estate Clients on Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising. The marketing agency president has been found stating “MotorCity Concepts has proven practices to drive qualified leads towards their Real Estate partners. We send leads for mortgage brokers and real estate agents with information to help that mortgage broker close that lead. Unlike many other, MotorCity Concepts believes in generating prospects and leads that are qualified for their clients so they have an easier time closing with pertinent information on hand for the first phone call

MotorCity Concepts is so confident in their ability to generate qualified leads that the business will give you your money back if they do not generate leads. With the economy re-opening in many states and all of us adjusting to the “new normal” it has never been more important to be properly advertising on major platforms. Leave this service to the professionals at MotorCity Concepts who have proven methods to generate qualified leads

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