Google Ads Buzz John G 2016 Niche Finder & Adwords Research Software Launched

A brand new software entitled Google Ads Buzz developed by John at Goff’s Concepts to help marketers easily research and leverage Google AdWords information to assess certain niches and quickly the find the most valuable ones for their Google ad campaigns, has been launched.

Google Ads Buzz, a brand new and easy to use Google Adwords research software to help internet marketers easily discover valuable hidden niches with little ad competition on search engines has been launched.

More information is available at

The premier Google Ads Buzz was developed and launched by John at Goff’s Concepts to provide internet marketers with a time and cost effective solution to easily and quickly research, save and leverage the valuable Google Adwords information they need to boost the reach and results of their Google ads campaigns.

The newly launched Adwords research tool allows its users to easily and effectively assess the level of competition in a certain niche and/or find the hidden niches with little ad competition by quickly accessing detailed and valuable information on the both the number of competitors or ads present in each niche with a few clicks.

In addition to the premier niche discovery benefits, the valuable information, analytics and data provided through the user-friendly Google Ads Buzz software interface can also be used to effectively check competitors’ rankings on Adwords and exported into an excel file for easy storage and future reference.

More information on the newly launched Google Ads Buzz software and its premier Adwords research features to help marketers with any level of skill easily find valuable hidden niches to boost their Google ads campaigns along with details on how to order it can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The Google Ads Buzz creators explain that “this Adwords research tool was created to help internet marketers frustrated with how they can’t seem to find niches that are not already flooded with competing google ads and with no time be going through the Adwords sections one by one to find them”.

They add that “it allows them to easily discover the level of competition in any niche within seconds to decide if they want to stay there, quickly dig up niches with little competition in a few clicks or effectively look over the shoulders of their competitors’ on Adwords. It helps save time yet get more information with a user-friendly interface that anyone can use”.

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