Gold Prices Increase Globally New Analysis On Bullish Banking Approach Announces

Gold Professionals, a trusted authority within the gold industry, has completed a new analysis report assessing the increasing value of gold and the bullish approach banks are taking. Your copy awaits you.

Gold Professionals, a trusted authority within the gold industry, has a new analysis report assessing the increasing value of gold globally and the bullish approach taken by banks just for you.

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The newly launched report states the value of gold has risen 75% since 2015 and fiat currencies have increased in value by 97-99% over the same period.

Gold Professionals their expert team and most professional analysts suggest the value of gold is currently rising again and presents a unique investment opportunity. As global markets continue to respond to the current global economic situation, fiat currencies are expected to fall in value and create financial stress.

But the bullish approach now being taken by Bank of America and others towards the value of gold and is reflective of your opportunity for security and profit. Thus Bank of America has raised its 18-month target for gold to $3,000 per ounce up from $2,000.

So Commodities such as gold and silver may provide stability to volatile investment portfolios thus are your alternative option to struggling, volatile fiat currencies. Thus Gold Professionals advises that 10-20% of a retirement fund or other wealth investment could be protected by investing it in precious metals such as gold or silver.

This new analysis reviews the economic outlook, and historical facts. This review shows that debt has doubled in eight years, it shows; almost ten million jobs were lost over a two-week period, it shows: there has been a 20% decline in growth since the global coronavirus pandemic began.

When added to the global loss of confidence in fiat currencies. A loss of confidence that is enhanced by the fact the US has recently printed over three trillion dollars of cash injection to support a failing economy. Globally, tax revenues are falling while debts and deficits are rising.

A representative for Gold Professionals said: “All the signs are there – huge changes to our financial and economic systems are coming. They are likely already taking root, but the effects may take longer to become apparent.”

“Investing in gold now is a great option for people looking to diversify or stabilize their investment portfolio. As the value of gold is set to rise globally, we suggest acting sooner rather than later,” they added.

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