Gold Elements Announces New Partnership with Aurarius Luxury Skin Care

Gold Elements is now partnered with Aurarius, a luxury skin care company. Gold Elements has now agreed to stock Aurarius products on its site, available now.

Los Angeles, Jun 26, 2017 – Gold Elements recently partnered with Aurarius to enhance each company’s product lines and make them easily accessible to everyone. The Aurarius collection is comprised of premium skincare products that cleanse, brighten, whiten, and lift the skin. Gold Elements, on the other hand, is a premier provider of gold-infused anti-aging treatment products.

Under the Gold Elements Aurarius collection are the Advanced Truffles, Virtuose 24k Gold, Royal Pearl, and Gravity Platinum sets. This luxury skin care collection contains heavy doses of luxury skin care ingredients such as truffles, gold, pearl, and deeply nourishing minerals, respectively. Every product included in the set works in a certain way to keep the face young, beautiful, and radiant.

Truffles are rare mushrooms used in the finest dishes of the world. In skin care, truffles are responsible for delivering the essential fatty acids needed by the skin to erase fine lines and wrinkles. They also provide intensive hydration to the skin. On the other hand, gold stimulates the skin cells to slow down collagen depletion. It also addresses sun damage, certain allergies, and inflammation. Gold also increases the elasticity of the skin while giving it a radiant glow.

Pearl is a luxury skin care ingredient that whitens and brightens the skin. As an antioxidant, it boosts the body’s enzymes to address peroxidation. It also helps rebuild the skin’s lost natural collagen. The deeply nourishing minerals in the Aurarius Gravity Platinum set accounts for the intense moisturizing need to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Users of Aurarius products have good things to say about them. Ellen, a first-time user who tried the Platinum Gravity-Defiant Lifting Mask, said, “Since I have been using this mask my confidence has increased. I’m thankful. I feel like I’m six to seven years younger.”

Lily also shared her experience upon using the Advanced Truffles Eye Serum and Eye Cream. She said, “The eye serum works great with the eye cream. I use them daily around my eyes. They really reduce those deep wrinkles. I am happy with these products.”

A customer named Kat tried the Advanced Truffles Brightening Face-Lift Serum and here’s what she has to say, “I’ve never been amazed with any serum before. I love the lift and glow of my skin after using this product even for such a small period of time. I am impressed.”

Aurarius is the Latin name for “golden.” The Aurarius skin care products are a result of 20 years of research that amounted to over 5,000 experiments. Their products are made up of nutrient-rich plant extracts and other beneficial natural ingredients to produce an effective youth elixir that could defy aging.

Prior to the partnership, Aurarius skin care products are only exclusively available from their stores and official website. After the recent changes, the products can be purchased from the Gold Elements site. Furthermore, Aurarius now carries the Gold Elements trademark in their stores all over the United States. The recent partnership has made these two entities even more competitive in the otherwise highly saturated skin care industry. Currently, they are one of the premier providers of gold and truffle-infused skin care products. To know more about Aurarius products, please visit the Gold Elements website at

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