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EJ Barnes, a Gold Coast electrician and proprietor of EJ Electrical Works, spoke to us about design considerations we should keep in mind when planning for our outdoor lighting needs.

Outdoor Illumination Fails: Is This You?

Most of us are aware that indoor lighting design makes a huge difference to the way in which we experience our living-space, but a lot of people, including construction industry professionals, see outdoor lighting as an afterthought. EJ Barnes, a Gold Coast electrician, spoke to us about design considerations we should keep in mind when planning for our outdoor lighting needs.

Design Follows Function

The average homeowner already knows why it’s a good idea to install outdoor lighting. From a purely practical perspective, we and our guests need to navigate between outdoor spaces at night. And just about every police press release and advisory on home security highlights the importance of outdoor lighting to deter burglars.

We might also add that outdoor lighting makes our garden spaces useable at night and that we can use outdoor lighting for purely aesthetic effect, illuminating outdoor features and adding night-time curb appeal to homes.

Businesses will also recognise the value of outdoor lighting for security and safety purposes as well as the importance of illuminating facades so that buildings continue to act as an advertisement for the business after sundown.

But according to EJ, while we might know why we want outdoor lighting, we often overlook some important considerations when we install lights. The result? Functionality is limited, and we still feel like we’ve been left in the dark.

Tackling the Where and the What

EJ says that his company is often called out to help homes and businesses to improve outdoor lighting. He’s become accustomed to seeing common errors that ruin outdoor lighting designs. They’re very simple mistakes, but according to EJ, they’re all too easily and too often made.

Here are his tips to help you get the most out of outdoor lighting:

Target the areas you want to illuminate.

Remember that light makes shadows too.

Choose the right type of lighting for the job.

“When I go to help people with outdoor lighting, they’ll usually just show me the place they want the light to be installed. When I was still a young and inexperienced electrician, I’d just do what I was told, but now I ask questions starting with what the light’s supposed to do. Quite often, I’ll find things that the client might want to rethink.”

“For instance, if you want a walkway illuminated, having a bright wall-mounted light shining into the eyes as you approach isn’t the best solution. If the lighting is for security, there needs to be good coverage around vulnerable areas that burglars might target. Leaving dark spots near doors and windows is as good as handing housebreakers an invitation.”

“Sometimes, I can save my clients money too. They ask me to install a light when an existing light will do the job – if the right type of lighting is used.”

Nothing’s Quite as Simple as it Looks

Most of us will admit to oversimplifying the outdoor lighting question: “I want light outdoors, so I’ll install an outside light,” might sound like a simple solution, but there’s more to the job than meets the neophyte’s eye. So next time you’re thinking of outdoor lighting, don’t just point your electrician at a wall and tell him to install a light there. You might not be happy with the results.

Of course, if you choose EJ, he’ll want to know a bit more about that light. “I’m not nosy, I just want to make sure my clients get what they want and not just what they say they want,” he says. If you’re in the Gold Coast or Northern Rivers area, you’re in luck. EJ is just a phone call away.

You can visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.

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