Gold Coast Business Growth Strategy Consultant Assessment Quiz Launched

Growth consultancy in Queensland, Australia launches Business Assessment quiz to help business owners clarify their business goals. The free report will provide recommendations and growth tips.

Streetsmart Business School, a growth consultancy based in Queensland, Australia has launched a Business Assessment quiz that help companies clarify their business goals. The free report provides business owners with recommendations on the next step in their growth journey.

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Ian Marsh, Managing Director believes that any business can be profitable and scalable with proper guidance and a proven system. In 2006, he started advising other business owners on how to achieve massive growth using StreetSmart marketing principles.

Ian says, “With the right mentor, the right mindset and the right model, anyone can create a multi-million dollar business. Improving your bottom line profits is quite simple when you have someone who has a proven track record, holding your hand helping you execute strategies that have worked for literally hundreds of other business owners before you.”

He aims to help companies to increase their bottom-line profits and build a saleable business by making improvements and strategising in key areas.

He adds, “There are 8 key areas that we focus on to improve the results that a business is achieving and the good news is we only focus on one thing at a time so that you do not get overwhelmed trying to fit yet another thing into your day.”

These include lead generation, sales conversion, profitability, referrals, frequency of the sale, average dollar sale, systematisation and lifetime value of a client.

There are insightful business coaching training resources on his website which covers a range of topics including marketing tools, growth strategy tips and advice for business owners. Ian is happy to answer any questions related to business growth via Facebook Live or by email.

Business owners who want to focus on the right strategies to achieve their goals can take the Business Breakthrough Assessment Quiz which will offer insights and recommendations from Ian.

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