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The message from Gold Coast Family Car Rentals is clear: endorse, recommend, and if you can, take it a step further and provide financial support for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Gold Coast Tourism Entrepreneur Asks Tourism Industry to Support Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary may be popular with tourists and locals alike, but it’s no money-spinner. It needs all the help we can give it, says Gold Coast Family Car Rentals CEO Darryl Essington-Wilson. The famous conservation organisation has high costs, a growing number of injured animals to care for, and an expanding portfolio of conservation activities that extend beyond its boundaries.

Darryl encourages members of the public and local businesses to recognise the Sanctuary as an important non-profit organisation to support – and not just a fun day out. “Of course, it is a fantastic place to visit, and just paying the entry fee is already a big help,” he says, “But we can do so much more.”

Gold Coast Family Car Rentals employees already know which tourist attractions and activities to recommend to customers, and as one of the Gold Coast’s most famous tourist attractions, Currumbin is an obvious contender for top spot. But, he says, there’s more to supporting the Sanctuary than pointing tourists in the right direction.

“As a car rental company, we are role players in the tourism industry, and it’s an industry that benefits from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I think it’s time to find new ways to give back. I challenge other businesses that benefit from tourism to lend their support.”

Currumbin accepts direct donations, and just because there are so many feet through the door, we shouldn’t think extra cash isn’t needed, says Darryl. “Challenge your staff with a whip-around and match their donations up to a certain value,” he suggests, “and perhaps you can think of something relevant to your business to make a more ongoing contribution – we’ve found one,” Darryl says.

“Apart from corporate donation, there is a Currumbin Wildlife Hospital money box in which our team deposits all the loose change they find when cleaning cars after each rental. This is added to by voluntary donations from the customers”, Darryl says. “It is a small contribution towards caring for 11,000 sick, injured or distressed animals every year, and they need all the help that they can get.”

The Sanctuary also has an “Adopt an animal” program, and Darryl recommends signing up to the program as a fun way of personalising a regular donation.

The Animal hospital can even benefit from tourism industry castoffs. Guest houses and hotels should consider donating old towels and sheets that can be used to gently restrain animals undergoing treatment. Old wetsuits, which Currumbin uses to make anaesthetic masks, are also in demand.

And if your business can afford it, being a corporate partner isn’t as expensive as it may sound on the surface.

“Many people seem to think that because Currumbin is so popular, it has more than enough funding,” says Darryl. “But I think most people aren’t aware of the magnitude of the task Currumbin is undertaking. What they do extends far beyond the boundaries of the Sanctuary itself. If you’re looking for a conservation cause to support, this one ticks all the boxes.”

There’s a lot more to the Gold Coast than surfing and the beaches. Darryl says that car rental customers from all over the world all rave about the natural wonders and the surroundings. He believes that by supporting environmental causes like Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, we’re not only giving back to the area that makes our businesses successful but ensuring the longevity of our businesses.

The message from Gold Coast Family Car Rentals is clear: endorse, recommend, and if you can, take it a step further and provide financial support for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

If you are looking for a car rental in the Gold Coast area, particularly from Coolangatta to Surfers Paradise, and including the Gold Coast Airport, visit Darryl’s website Cheap Car Hire Gold Coast and Gold Coast Airport Car Rental to get an online quote or book online, and if you’re ready to pledge support, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to visit in person or online.

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