Gold Bullion Tax-Deferred IRA Retirement Investment Finance Report Launched

A new finance management and investment report has been launched by Gold Professionals. It details the need to protect against an inevitable market crash, and recommends Regal Assets for gold investment.

A new report has been launched by Gold Professionals, the online resource site for precious metal investments. It highlights an article by Egon Greyerz, called “The Greatest Financial Crisis & Hyperinflation.”

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The new Gold Professionals report explains that data points to a global reset of the world’s financial systems. While it’s impossible to say when this could happen, it is within investors’ power to protect against it by owning gold and other precious metals.

Egon Greyerz states that a hyperinflationary depression has always been the inevitable end to the biggest financial bubble in history. Data shows the potential threat is global, and is likely to spread from from country to country like coronavirus.

The report explains that since the last interest cycle peaked in 1981, there has been a 39-year downtrend in the US and global rates from almost 20% to 0%. This points to a severe recession in the US and across the globe.

For investors worried about a global recession, market crash, or financial downturn, Gold Professionals emphasizes that gold is the solution. For interested parties looking to buy precious metals, Gold Professionals recommends Regal Assets.

Regal Assets has become a leader in the precious metals investment field. Created by young entrepreneur, Tyler Gallagher, the company’s aim is to simplify alternative asset investments. Whether clients want to buy or sell gold bullion or set up a long-term tax-deferred retirement plan, Regal Assets offers streamlined solutions.

Investors considering gold as part of a diversified portfolio can request a free Gold Kit from Regal Assets. Regal Assets is an official member of the Forbes Finance Council, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It has also been rated in the top 20 across the US for financial services by Inc Magazine.

Gold is a reliable way to hedge against inflation and deflation, and represents a safe haven in times of geopolitical, economical and financial turmoil. Investors are advised to place 5-10% of their portfolio in precious metals.

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