Godwin Elevators Released a Post on The Advantages of Installing a Lift

Godwin Elevators has published its latest article covering the advantages of owning a lift in a home.

Godwin Elevators’ latest article, “The Advantages of Lifts,” sheds light on the advantages of owning a chair lift in a home. Those interested in reading the full report can visit the link here. Lifts automatically make a home or space more accessible for everyone; plus, they are less of a commitment than a full elevator and typically are less expensive, require less space, and require fewer repairs. Adding a lift to a home can also increase its value when ready to sell. Many individuals need their homes to be accessible to those in a wheelchair or unable to climb stairs or a ramp.

A chair lift from Godwin Elevators is typically an open cab and does not require as much equipment. The lift is easy to install and can be purchased at an affordable cost. Homeowners can install two different types of chair lifts: a stairlift or a vertical platform lift.

The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract:

“Lifts automatically make your home or space more accessible for everyone. Most of the time, you don’t have to rearrange your house to install a lift because it doesn’t require an entire shaft to be installed to allow it to run. They are less of a commitment than a full elevator and typically are less expensive, require less space, and require fewer repairs.”

Homeowners can purchase two kinds of lifts:

Stairlift: A stair lift is a lift that makes stairs accessible to everyone. It’s typically a motorized seat that travels up and down a staircase on a track or rail. It is powered by electricity and can be operated by the person from the chair. A stair lift can typically be added to any curved or straight staircase. It is an excellent option for added accessibility without having to change the existing layout of a house.

Vertical Platform Lift: A vertical platform lift looks more like an elevator but still has an open cab. These are often seen outside, usually to enable someone in a wheelchair to quickly go from the ground level to an upper deck level entry into a home, although they can also be installed inside. They have a platform, a lift tower, and controls. They only require about a 6 feet square area of space and can often make more than just one stop. This type of lift is better for someone who is less mobile.

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