Gloucester Under Floor Heating Liquid Screed Flowing Concrete Services Launched

Gloucester-based company has launched professional under floor heating services for commercial, residential and industrial projects. They specialize in liquid screed applications, flowing concrete and moisture testing.

Gloucester, England-based company Gyvtec Ltd. has launched professional under floor heating services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. They specialize in liquid screed, flowing concrete and moisture testing.

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Liquid screed is an under flooring solution that is applied by being pumped into a room at a fast rate, which means larger areas can be completed in shorter timeframes. This is a huge benefit for clients especially in commercial spaces as time spent on the job could mean loss of revenue.

It’s also a good option financially and environmentally as there is little waste. The liquid screed is laid thinly so it requires less product than other methods. It is very effective for under floor heating as it fully surrounds the pipes, ensuring there are no void spaces.

It is especially useful for large industrial and commercial projects as the fast pumping time allows for areas as big as 2,000 square meters can be finished in a single day. Another major bonus is that it can be walked upon within 24 to 48 hours, making it the go-to flooring product across Europe.

There are many types of liquid screed, and the team at Gyvtec will work with each client individually to ensure the right kind is used for the right projects. The company can also supply and install bonded leveling in compounds with a coverage as little as 12 to 30 millimeters.

Other services offered by the company include flowing concrete, moisture testing, floor sanding, laitance removal, calcium carbide moisture testing and floor preparation. Faster drying cement-based screeds are new to market and useful especially for projects that require less downtime.

The company’s website offers free quotes to assess potential projects for pricing and drying times. Interested parties can find more information at the link above or by calling 01452 689 449

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