Global Village World announces partnership with MaRS Discovery District

Global Village Publishing is proud to announce that we are partnering with MaRS Discovery District on INNOVATE™ Toronto, featuring the city's most exciting Innovators and Entrepreneurs, amplifying their stories around the globe.

Global Village World Publishing and Global Innovation Marketing Canada are exceptionally proud to announce that MaRS Discovery District will be partnering with us on our next exciting Canadian initiative: INNOVATE Toronto.

“MaRS has been working to elevate the technology and Innovation ecosystem across many platforms, including our MaRS magazine, the Toronto Star, and StartUp Here,” said Karen Mazurkewich, VP, Strategic Communications, MaRS. “We’re excited to extend our reach into legacy publishing in collaboration with INNOVATE Toronto.”

Following the enormous success of INNOVATE Montreal, INNOVATE Ottawa, INNOVATE Vancouver, and our recently published AI Québec, INNOVATE Toronto is guaranteed to be another exquisitely produced high-quality coffee-table book and augmented reality video series celebrating Canada’s largest innovation ecosystem. INNOVATE Toronto will also be available as an e-book and an online platform representing a network with a common goal of ensuring the region’s best innovations and innovation enablers connect and succeed.

“Having MaRS onboard as a partner in the publication will ensure that INNOVATE Toronto will be an important document of the city’s innovation ecosystem by showcasing the pioneers and visionaries contributing to Toronto being a world-class leader in innovation,” says Carel “Callie” Van Graan, CEO, Global Innovation Marketing Canada. “As a result, INNOVATE Toronto, with its thriving innovation ecosystem, is well-positioned to be one of the flagship titles in the INNOVATE® Series.”

Global Village World has been producing top-tier publications in cities, ecosystems, and industries around the world for many years and the new INNOVATE Toronto will be no exception, showcasing some of North America’s most innovative people, companies, and organizations from one of Canada’s hottest metropolises!

Toronto continues to establish itself as one of North America’s top regions for tech. Our collaboration with MaRS Discovery District will ensure that Toronto is given the platform it deserves to showcase the groundbreaking work the companies and thought leaders in this region are doing.

With the support of MaRS, INNOVATE Toronto is coming together quickly. As an entrepreneurial support organization aimed at bringing together the innovation community to grow the economy and make an impact, MaRS is an integral part of identifying companies and thought leaders to be included in INNOVATE Toronto. Between the organization’s recommendations and Global Innovation Marketing Canada’s research, INNOVATE Toronto’s pages are filling fast.

Even so, Global Innovation Marketing Canada still seeks like-minded innovators and innovation enablers. “There’s always more room for awesome in an INNOVATE® book,” says Carel “Callie” Van Graan, Global Innovation Marketing Canada’s CEO. “In our experience, the most memorable volumes result from some combination of top-down research, networking, and entrepreneurs who reach out to us just because they hear about the project and want to be part of it.”

That includes even small companies and startups as Global Village has disrupted the traditional “pay to play” publishing method with our Innovative “Crowd Funded Publishing” system, ensuring that every INNOVATE® book represents the people working hardest and smartest to improve their region’s innovation ecosystem—and the world, really.

To find out more about this exciting initiative or to nominate an individual or organization leading the way please contact Associate Publisher Brahm Glickman at or visit

Every one of the stories within the publication will be carefully selected to guide the reader on a journey across the region and offer a glimpse into the future. Within the book’s industry-specific chapters, innovators and innovation enablers from all over the region will tell the stories of their organizations and their path to success. Most features will be AR-video enabled, allowing participants’ stories to come alive on the screen of any smartphone through the Global Village App.

Another exciting project in our continued efforts to ensure the top innovation ecosystems across Canada are recognized and celebrated is INNOVATE Calgary. This 6th title in our Canadian series will ensure that the leading innovators and innovation enablers in this diverse ecosystem are showcased to a global audience. From aerospace & logistics, agribusiness, and energy to technology, film, and digital arts, the book promises to be a showcase of Calgary’s top innovators and thought leadership disruptors. To nominate an individual or organization who is contributing to Calgary’s growth please contact Ruby Sandhu at or visit

Once invited to join the INNOVATE® tribe, these “INNOVATErs” work with Global Village’s production professionals to design custom double-page spreads that tell their story (“Every superhero has an awesome origin story,” reads the INNOVATE® Story Requirements webpage.) The feature also includes a company’s imagery, logo, and contact information. Augmented reality—videos that play inside one of the images—are also part of the package, as is a dedicated webpage on

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