Global Patient Access Provides Online Doctor Access Free to Consumers

GPA provides a convenient and affordable way of talking to a doctor when you need it most. We operate 24/7 to assist our members with their daily healthcare needs. With affordable prices, qualified doctors, and access at your fingertips.

The recent pandemic situation continues to change the way we all live, work, learn and function in our communities. We are all finding that many of the tools we assumed would work just fine in daily life are clearly inadequate or incapable of providing the same service and benefits with distancing. Our reliance on technology for basic life’s needs and communication has skyrocketed in just about every facet of life and work, and better tools are needed to help us all easily migrate into this new normal.

See a Doctor Online via Telehealth Technology and Services

In light of COVID-19’s impact and a very strong likelihood that social distancing and similar restrictions will be continuing throughout 2020, Global Patient Access is providing access to its telehealth platform by offering sixty days free to new members. Global Patient Access wants to proactively provide the ability to obtain healthcare and medical assistance in an easier format, regardless of the current pandemic’s limitations. By providing free access to their telehealth services for everyone to try for 60 days after they sign up, Global Patient Access is stepping forward to help everyone reach medical attention without the risk of in-hospital or clinic exposure to COVID-19. Through telehealth and telemedicine tools, Global Patient Access can provide individuals and families the ability to connect with a doctor to receive the benefits of a medical consultation online, and get real diagnoses to issues or concerns just like they would in person with an office visit.

Regular Checkups and Monitoring are Critical Health Prevention

As of now, doctors are extremely concerned by the loss of monitoring, checkups, and regular contact with patients. Many people need regular monitoring of their conditions to prevent more serious side effects from occurring or turning into medical emergencies. Checkups are also the number one, key method used by doctors to identify medical issues early in patients before they become far more serious. This helps the patient tremendously as well as keeping the cost of healthcare delivery affordable for everyone.

During this time of a modern pandemic, Global Patient Access wants to give back to society as a healthcare partner when assistance is needed the most. And with our collective forced movement to digital technology and communication in all forms, the ability to restore healthcare with access to telemedicine services provides benefits of convenience and affordability to all individuals and families.

Adjusting to a New Norm

Global Patient Access provides a powerful digital ability for patients and doctors to connect 24/7 whenever needed and from any location to obtain regular medical consultations. This modern and increasingly needed telemedicine channel takes over where traditional medical review is now hampered or failing due to COVID-19 and pandemic social restrictions. Global Patient Access provides the tools and technology that is used to prevent further exponential Coronavirus infections from occurring. Healthcare in the 21st century should resort back to old-fashioned avoidance practices in which people used two centuries ago when someone became sick. We have the modern technology and tools to reshape society for the better and that is the reason Global Patient Access is providing a sixty day opportunity for patients to try telemedicine and show how well it works today in real time application.

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