Global News Online Analyze the Trend of the Gaming Industry in 2018

Global News Online, a news portal which caters to a vast audience and has been around for quite some time now, recently analyzed the trend of the mobile gaming industry and publish

Global News Online, a news portal which caters to a vast audience, recently analyzed the ongoing trend of the global gaming industry. For analyzing the trends, the new portal editors set 2010 as the benchmark year. The reviewers and editors maintained that they have taken into consideration the rise of mobile games and supporting devices, and the role of social media in the meteoric rise of the mobile gaming industry. They added that the proliferation of mobile phones has propelled the continuous and robust growth of the industry.

The video game industry is currently undergoing unprecedented developments and there’s no denying that casual gamers would continue to increase in numbers in the days to come. With mobile gaming sites such as, gamers are thankfully spared of the download part, for the games run on the browser and interested people can simply click the ‘Play for Free’ button and start.

With the online gaming world getting bigger in terms of variety and players, major players added more to the existing numbers.

“Every game we reviewed and analyzed recently has a unique design and theme. If anybody is looking for a specific game, they should simply type the same in the search bar of a game library and they will be taken directly to the game page. Most of the games these days come with bonuses like spins, mini games and rewards. The variety this time is what we believe most gaming enthusiasts have been looking for,” said an editor of the news portal.

According to the editor, games that are specifically designed for mobile devices have taken the center stage in the last eight years. Legacy franchises are tapping in to a broader audience and games are not only being designed for consoles and PC, but also for Android and iOS devices. “The global gaming market size is expected to grow by $200 billion in the next seven to eight years and the reason we did a detailed analysis of the global online gaming market is that we wanted to show the potentials of the market to the new players”, he added.

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