Global IT Company Releases Guide on How To Organise Data

Global IT Company Releases Guide on How To Organise Data in just 7 simple steps. More can be read at

Global IT company, Orion Global Managed Services have created a guide dedicated to help readers organise their data in just 7 simple steps.

The guide can be read in full on their website at:

Readers can expect to find the following information in the guide:

Data – How to determine and classify what kind of data you have such as, sensitive, personal or children’s data.

Data collection – How to document the methods used when the data was collected such as, online, offline, in person, telephone etc…

Data storage – How to document where the data is stored and any apps or software that was used for this. The guide also reminds readers to ensure their policies are up to date and to record whether there is offsite backup of data or a third party.

Data Process – How is the data used and where does it go. The article urges readers to think about the purpose of the data that was collected.

Data Retention – How is the data retained/deleted and how long is the data kept for? The guide influences readers to think about their reasons for keeping data and what is the process for deletion of data.

Data Control – Who is the data controller and who is the processor or is there someone who does both? The guide urges readers to note who is responsible for the data and to think about who has access to it.

Data management – The guide ensures readers are aware of data management and data process. It’s important to ensure the reader’s technology is able to process, store with levels of permission given at time of collection and remove data effectively.

Orion Global Managed Services created this guide to ensure readers and businesses are GDPR ready with their data processes. GDPR now places greater emphasis on the documentation of data collection, storage, use, retention and deletion processes. Orion Global Managed Services can assist with a through data audit to ensure a wider IT governance review. More information can be found on their website:

Release ID: 433170